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JWOWW Naked and Coming to a Computer Near You?

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Your favorite Jersey Shore skunk-head, JWOWW (which stands for Janky Weave on Whitetrash Woman) may have shown her rack and bumbum and those photos are reportedly being shopped around right now.  I’d like to make an offer of three easy installments of $19.99 if she is willing to keep her yellow shirt on permanently.  Haven’t we already seen JWOWW’s boobs?  In every crapisode of Jersey Shore her left boob is trying to escape by way of her arm pit and her right boob is trying to jump up and sit on her shoulder.  They’re like two heads of lettuce in a paper bag being thrown down a flight of stairs.

Anyskunk, back to the alleged photos.  Reports are saying that in one photo we get to see a topless Jenni Farley from the waist up and in the other photo we get to see her ass in nothing but cowboy boots.  Which photo shows JWOWW ShamWow looking coherent because I’m pretty sure we didn’t get to see that in one episode of Jersey Shore.  I’d also like to see her in an explicit photo, you know, like “reading” or “writing.”  When are those photos being issued?

In the meantime, please enjoy my photo creation of JWOWW ShamWow being covered up by 2 Snooki “freakin’ poofs” and one package of processed ham.  Thank you.

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