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12 Amazing Llama Gifts & Toys Because Llamas Really are the New Unicorns This Year

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Because it’s time to press pause on the unicorn hype.  This year it’s all about llamas and, well, we couldn’t be more excited.  Here’s a bunch of great gifts (including toys) for the llama lovers in your life.

Best Llama Gifts & Toys 2024 - Llamas Gift Ideas for Alpaca Lovers

Last year, everywhere you looked was unicorns and, well, not that there’s anything wrong with that but once we saw the ones that pooped glitter slime we were ready to move on.  Enter what’s likely to be the animal of the year in 2024, the llama.  First off saying ‘llama’ is just fun.  It’s fun to type too.  Second, at the recent NYC Toy Fair one of the bigger trends we saw for must-have toys being released this year were llama related (see below for the llama that twerks to music).  Plus, they’re just so darn cute.  Whether you’re looking for llama-related gifts for adults or some of the cutest toys and essentials for the kiddos, we’ve got you covered.   Check out some of the best-of-the-best.

The ‘Who’s Your Llama’ Collectible Surprise Toys – Buy It Here

Best Llama Gifts 2024: Who's Your Llama Surprise Toys

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We love these little cuties!  They come as a surprise pack of 2 and all have a different look, personality, and style.  There are 12 to collect in series 1.  Series 2, we here is coming soon so jump on this one while you still can!

Boppi the Booty Shaking Llama – Coming Soon

Pre Order Boppi Twerking Booty Dancing Llama 2024

That’s right!  This one does a funny little booty shaking dance (some would call it twerking) and dances along to 3 different songs, plus it moves its head around too!  It’s slated to be released in June 2024 and will most likely be one of the hottest toys this year.  Learn more about Boppi here!

The Auora World Flopsie Plush Stuffed Animal – Buy It Here

Best Llama Gifts 2024: Stuffed Animal Llama

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Because weather it’s a must-have for your kids or, you know, you just want it for your desk at work you can’t go wrong with this cutie.  You can even choose the 12-inch or the 27-inch option.  Do it!

The Alex DIY Knot-a-Llama Plush Knot & Stitch – Buy It Here

Best Llama Gifts 2024: DIY Llama Kit

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This fleece pillow is totally DIY and totally cute!   It’s comes as a 29 piece set and kids even as young as 6 years old can make this one on their own.

The Minecraft Collectible Plush Toy – Buy It Here

Best Llama Gifts 2024: Minecraft Llamas Plush

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Yes, they’re still obsessed with all things Minecraft to why not have both of their worlds collide!  This one is 11.5-inches tall and one of the most popular characters in Minecraft.

The PooPoo Glitter Pooping Llama Toy – Buy It Here

Best Llama Gifts 2024: Pooping Glitter Llamas

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Grab a 4-pack of the latest obsession.  Yes, we’re talking about a pooping glitter keychain.  Press their little bodies and watch glitter poop come out.  Um, awesome?  Sure!  Feels like a great stress reliever to us.

The I Love Llamas Coloring Book – Buy It Here

Best Llama Gifts 2024: Llama Coloring Book

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What better way to help reduce stress, stay in the present, and have fun all at the same time!

The Fortnite Llama Loot Stuffed Animal – Buy It Here

Best Llama Gifts 2024: Fortnite Llama

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Let their Fortnite addiction continue with one of the most popular (and fun) characters of the game!

The Alpaca Hug Pillow – Buy It Here

Best Llama Gifts 2024: Llama Hug Pillow

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It’s a great way to cuddle with one of your favorite (and softest) alpacas!  Who doesn’t love a pillow you can hug, especially one so darn cute!?

The Llamas Journal – Buy It Here

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The ‘I Love Llamas’ Craft Kit – Buy It Here

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These are super cute crafts to do for people of just about any age! There are 6 different crafting projects to work on with 160 pieces in total.  A great rainy day project for sure.

The New Giant Llama Pool Float by BigMouth – Buy It Here

BigMouth Funny Llama Pool Raft 2024

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Because it’s really the only way to make the most out of the summer this year!