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When Your Hatchimal Changes Eye Color What the Heck Does that Mean?!

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Because, like you, we’re a bit freaked out and pretty much want to know exactly what’s going on in the little Hatchimal mind. Here’s what we found.

What Does Hatchimals Eye Color Mean - Meaning of Changing Eye Colors on Hatchimal 2017 - 2018

So your kid finally got their Hatchimal and finally got the thing to hatch.  It took their hands, their love, their patience, and maybe a little of their anger to rip the creature right from its shell.  Either way, they’re free!  And then they started to care for them, love them, and get them to graduate to their various growth stages (new born, baby, toddler, and kid) and along the way their Hatchimal unlocked all sorts of surprises.  And then, uh, their eyes started to change color.  For real, they did.  So what does it all mean?  And what is it really trying to tell you?  If you’re lost and want a little cheat sheet, read on.

1.  Dark Blue Eyes Means:  I Am Scared

Hatchimal Eye Color Meaning: Dark Blue = I am Scared

If they’re blue and scared you’ll want to cuddle and comfort him.  Dark blue means that he’s already hatched (see light blue below if he hasn’t hatched yet) and just needs some extra love and attention.  If he has a cute little cuddle toy, be sure to give it to him!

2.  Green Eyes Means:  I am Sick

Hatchimal Eye Color Meaning: Green = I am Sick

If they’re green and sick you’ll want to press down and hold her forehead to get a reading on what he temperature may be! As always, be sure to hold her, cuddle her, and keep petting her until she feels comforted and no longer sick.  Fingers crossed!

3.  Light Blue Eyes Means:  I am Cold

Hatchimal Eye Color Meaning: Light Blue = I am Cold

If they’re light blue and cold that means that he may not have fully hatched yet.  All you need to do is slowly and firmly rub the bottom of his egg until, presto change, he’s hatched and no longer cold.  Welcome to the world, Hatchimal!

4.  Orange Eyes Means:  I Need to Burp

Hatchimal Eye Color Meaning: Orange = Needs to Burp

If they’re orange and ready to burp you’ll need to help her out with that.  Just like us when we have to burp, rubbing and gently patting her back will help her burp, settle down her stomach, and help her to feel better overall.  I wonder what she ate?!

5.  Pink Eyes Means:  I Need to Cuddle

Hatchimal Eye Color Meaning: Pink = Needs to Cuddle

If they’re pink and need a cuddle, well, simply cuddle with him! You can stroke his head or even kiss his little beak to show him some extra love and support.  Hey, it’s the only time you’ll be glad that someone in your house has pink eye!

6.  Red Eyes Means:  I am Upset

Hatchimal Eye Color Meaning: Red = Upset

If they’re red and upset it pretty much means that she needs a timeout!  When the eyes flash red and she’s mad as a hornet, all you have to do is simply place her back on the egg base she came with or feel free to pet and love on her until her snappy mood changes.

7.  Teal Eyes Means: I’m Learning to Talk

Hatchimal Eye Color Meaning: Teal = Learning to Talk

If they’re teal and learning to talk, well, you have to teach him.  Press him to record some phrases and get them from babbling to saying words just like you!

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8.  White Eyes Means:  I’m Going to Sleep

Hatchimal Eye Color Meaning: White = Going to Sleep

If they’re white and going to sleep, well, that means it’s bedtime!  She’s sleepy and ready for bed so gently and quietly place her on her base and perhaps even sing her a little song until she drifts off.  Fingers crossed there’s no snoring!

9.  Yellow Eyes Means:  I’m Exploring & Happy

Hatchimal Eye Color Meaning: Yellow = Exploring

If they’re yellow and exploring that means that they’re pretty happy and just living daily life with lots of love from you!

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