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An Award Winning Elodie Otto Interview. Screw the “Cram Session.”

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Ah yes my friends. The interview you have all been waiting for. I would like to note that this interview is not yet award winning, but I would not be surprised if this did end up winning some form of Nobel Prize (peace and/or in science…if that exists). I was lucky enough to get to know Elodie Otto (not biblically) via what we in the industry call the “interview.” I must start by saying that Elodie really was a sport to deal with me and my ridiculous questions. Similar to something that Phil Dohahue would do, this will be a two part interview. Screw “The Hills Cram Session.” I want new Hills info. Here’s how this went down. Enjoy, you miserable rat bastards!

IBBB: You are now my favorite on The Hills, a national treasure some would say. What fun things are you working on right now?

Elodie: Well, since I left Bolthouse, I’ve decided to start my own business! It is the most amazing bath and body line. It was created in France and the name is French! Its called “jolie en rose par Elodie,” which means “pretty in pink” by Elodie. Pink is my absolute favorite color. I am the first generation in my whole family to be born in the states, so I have a lot of international background! It’s the perfect line!!! I am hoping to launch as soon as December. You can check out the myspace page at or the website at

IBBB’s Thoughts: Phhew. Good call starting out with a legit question. Now let’s really white-trash this interview up!

IBBB: So…I know that half of The Hills is scripted, but tell me…are cue cards ever involved?

Elodie: There are never any cue cards (laughs). The show isn’t scripted either, it’s a reality show!

IBBB’s Thoughts: Damn my ignorance for not bringing my lie-detector equipment with me.

IBBB: Many people put Heidi in the same company as Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, and Hitler and by “many people” I actually mean “just me.” What’s the real deal with Heidi? Is she as douche-a-palooza as the show makes her seem?

Elodie: NO WAY! I think there is hope for Heidi, but not if she stays with that Spencer.

IBBB’s Thoughts: Why won’t she call him Steve Sanders? I’m going to bring it up again.

IBBB: There’s currently a war going on in Iraq (or so I hear). We’re struggling with Global Warming and/or the Greenhouse Effect (don’t really know the difference). With that said, who do you think would win in a chicken fight: One of the Olsen Skanks or the lady who played the grandmother in the hit 90’s TV show, Family Matters?

Elodie: I think one of the Olsen twins would win!

IBBB’s Thoughts: Why didn’t she say “skanks?” I said “skanks.” I thought she would have been comfortable with it. Note to self, bring up other Full House questions later.

IBBB: Your recent episode when you told Heidi “it was sad” was a real treat. I immediately thought, “we need more Elodie.” Will you be making more of an impact on future shows and what, if anything, would you want to clear up about that episode?

Elodie: As of right now, I don’t know if I will be in any more episodes as I don’t work at Bolthouse. But…you never know! Keep watching.

IBBB’s Thoughts: Don’t boss me.

IBBB: I have 5 words for you. Justin Bobby. Discuss.

Elodie: I think that Justin Bobby is the funniest name. I think he is the way he is and no one will be able to change him. If Audrina likes that he is anti-social, we have to accept that. He definitely seems like a completely different type of boyfriend on the show than the boyfriends we have seen.

IBBB: I’ve created quite the following of people calling Spencer, “Steve Sanders.” First, please pass that nickname onto the set of The Hills. Second, do you think Heidi and Steve Sanders will
really get married and, if so and you’re invited, will you please please please invite me as your +1?

Elodie: If I get invited to the wedding I would probably go. As of now, I don’t think there are much plans for a “big” wedding.

IBBB’s Thoughts: I’m in!

IBBB: Recent rumors claim that Marcia and Jan Brady were playing lesbian reindeer games in the 1970’s. If you had to play lesbian reindeer games with one of the following who would it be and why:
a. Lisa Loveless
b. Lauren (please choose her)
c. Heidi’s old nose
d. Nell Carter (back in her “Gimme a Break” prime)

Elodie: I will chose her [Lauren] because you want me to choose her! I am no lesbian but I think Lauren is gorgeous!!!

IBBB’s Thoughts: Give me a minute…..almost…..done.

IBBB: So what the Christ do you think is up with Britney Spears?

Elodie: I am sad for her. Someone needs to get her some help.

IBBB’s Thoughts: I’m still thinking of the Lauren/Elodie lesbian reindeer games.

Ok folks, that’s it for now. Stayed tuned next week when me and Elodie talk “teeth” on The Hills, if anything is really known about Lisa Loveless, how all the nose jobs on The Hills may impact America’s youth, and ways in which I can continue to sell out with help from Elodie and The Hills.

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