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16 & Pregnant: Sans the Recap

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Yeah.  I mean, even I’m not going to be the jerk who makes fun of the episode where the finance/father dies, the baby almost dies, and everyone is trying to get over the unexpected drowning.  Sure I could toss in a joke about the toilet paper and tape that was holding together the eyeglasses of the mother or the part-puffy-leather-couch-part-navajo-cushions but I would just be the guy making fun of the poor things poor people have who are trying to overcome a horrific accident.  Plus there was way too many freckles for one person to take in this episode.  Overall it was just a downer and I’m saving up all my energy for the premiere of Teen Mom on June 12th (in the year of our Lord).

You can’t win for losing.  I have no idea what that means.  Therefore, I decided to take the Physical Challenge instead of recapping the sadness.

Luke-Warm Regards,