America’s Next Top Model 11 – A Racist Girl Hangs From a Ladder

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Jenny has checked in to IBBB to recap the latest episode of America’s Next Top Model. Here’s what she said went down last night:
  • Tyra Mail arrives! Yeeeeeee! It reads: Don’t get it twisted….Sorry Tyra, this whole show is already twisted. Nice try. Fool me once, shame on you…fool me twice, shame on me…and you.
  • Nice. It’s Benny Ninja, pose coach extraordinaire….to the stars! He presents the girls with a black box…(not the airplane kind) and inside is a woman. Boo! It’s Bree Robertson, model/contortionist. Whatever, stupid/stupid.
  • For the practice session, the girls wrap themselves up in extra large red scarves and “extreme pose.” I’m not that impressed as my one year old also does this.
  • Back at the “eco-friendly is fierce” house, the girls hop into the pool. Someone put a tent over this circus…Sheena shows us ass-dance moves, Clark and Elina play kissy face and Hannah pushes Isis. When the girls ask why she pushed Isis, Hannah says she is a stereotypical white girl and doesn’t want people dancing on her all HEYYYYYYYYYYYY! Good luck with the African America girls in the house Hannah.
  • P.S.- Bad editing here as Nikeysha has on the blue eye shadow from the photo shoot that has yet to take place.
  • In other developments, Analeigh makes chicken noises while Isis gives herself hormone shots. There’s a sentence that I bet has never been said, ever.
  • This week’s challenge has the girls auditioning for a jewelry and handbag designer. They have to model accessories and make ’em POP The winner gets a bag, or something.
  • Elina wins the challenge. Let’s face it Elina, competition wasn’t that fierce. People were posing with bags and rings on their feet, teeth and crotch.
  • An irate Hannah can’t believe they are referring to her as a racist, and through snotty tears says “that’s not very nice” Sure…and the war in Iraq is an “inconvenience”
  • She also says it’s like gang rape and gang violence. Ok so which is it, gang rape or just not nice?
  • Tyra’s minions are doing their photo shoot up in a hot air balloon, hanging off a ladder. Who will be the girl with mascara tears running down their face because they are afraid of heights???
  • Hey, prop guy…cancel the hot air balloon. It’s too windy up there so looks like they’ll be hanging from a back hoe. (no pun intended)
  • What the hell is Sheena? Besides crazy. I don’t understand her at all…
  • Um, Tarina Tarantino…why is your hair a hot pink bowl-like cut?
  • Ok kids, gather ’round. Story time with Tyra, It wouldn’t be a judging without a quick parable of how Tyra overcame her challenges as a model. Challenges such as holding her pose so long that she would shake. Bor-ing.
  • Mean-a Paulina asks Sheena if her breasts are fake. No Ma’am!
  • Oh wait….hold the bus….here comes Sheena stepping out of the crowd….Evidently they ARE fake. Tyra says she knew it all along (Tyra is legally a genius) and was glad she stepped forward and TOLD……..THE……….TRUTH………Tyra is good people. Or not…Okay, she is.
  • Nikeysha and Isis are in the bottom two…So who stays? Will it be the girl who needs a Big Mac, large fry and a chocolate shake? Or the girl who’s not quite yet a girl, but is a girl, but is almost a girl?
  • Nikeysha…….is……outta here! Someone take this girl to a drive through at 3 AM after 6 beers, STAT.