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America’s Next Top Model Dominique Adios

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There’s only 1 episode left of America’s Next Top Model and then our resident ANTM recapper, Jenny, can go back into hiding. But until then, here’s her take on last nights America’s Next…Top….Model:
  • Monique says she is “the Saleisha of this competition.” And because I don’t think Saleisha has done a damn thing since last season, I should inform you that Saleisha is, in fact last cycle’s winner. Monique is also a closet eater. She eats at like 2AM. No seriously, who the hell cares and how is she still here?
  • During this week’s challenge, the girls are taking photos of Paulina. I don’t understand the point of this. They practice taking pictures of each other and Dominique falls on her ass. Or was it her face? I can’t tell.
  • I am flat out SHOCKED that Tyra didn’t have the girls take pictures of her. I am also highly disappointed. What is happening here? This challenge would have been WAY better if the girls shot Tyra….and also if they took pictures of her.
  • Fatima wins the challenge and as her prize, gets 50 extra frames at her photo shoot.
  • The girls are impersonating movie icons for the photo shoot. It is extremely boring. The only interesting thing during this photo shoot was the headline my local news station flashed across the bottom of the screen…It said “Naked Man in Tree. News at 10”
  • It’s judging time and Tyra has decided to use an English accent today, along with a southern twang. She throws in an Italian accent as well for good measure. And finishes with a “meow.”
  • Paulina tells Dominick that her photo looks “tranny.” But covers her tracks by saying that she is a “beautiful tranny.” Nice save Paulina.
  • Per usual Tyra takes this opportunity to tell us that SHE also has a tendency to look tranny. Sometimes she looks in the mirror after the make up artists finish with her and thinks, “Tyrone?” Wicked good story.
  • FINALLLYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Dominick and her tranny self are headed back to America. The tranny heartland. Oh Dominick, we’ll see you on Rock of Love 7.