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America’s Next Top Model: Natural Disasters. Really?

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Besides the show itself, last night on America’s Next Top Model the theme was natural disasters. ANTM recapper, Jenny, visits IBBB to recap the crap out of last nights crapisode. Here’s what went down:
  • The show opens with Marjorie wallowing in self pity. Boring. Continuing on with Joslyn talking to her sister on the phone. More boring.
  • Off to this week’s challenge. The girls enter an old warehouse, while mean-a Paulina enters wearing a powder blue, too big suit. Nice. That’s the stuff Bradlees dreams are made of. The icing on the cake however, is when the girls put on pink hard hats a-la “Devo” Don’t be fooled, the challenge is not to whip it….whip it good…but to take too big clothes and make them “work.”
  • More tears from Marjorie, as she did not do well. Marjorie says it is a European thing. I think she looks like a cutter.
  • McKey wins the challenge and will get 50 extra frames at her photo shoot.
  • This week’s photo shoot will be “natural disasters” Marjorie says she doesn’t really know what a natural disaster looks like. I say look in the mirror.
  • More self pity from Marjorie. She says her parents are from France and she was raised to dwell on the negative. No surprises here.
  • The girls show up at the shoot location and scream in fear as Tyra enters the room. Oh wait, that’s not Tyra….It’s Jay dressed up as an Alien vs Predator creature double feature. My bad.
  • Is a blackout really a natural disaster? A heat wave? The Santa Ana Winds? What the hell are the Santa Ana Winds anyway? All I know is that everyone from 90210 (the original) was always talking about them…in a very mysterious way.
  • Marjorie’s natural disaster is causing a traffic jam. Really? I sit in traffic every day. Where is my federal aid?
  • More uninspirational words from Marjorie. This girl is ridiculous. Does this chick realize there are people in the world with real problems? Hasn’t she heard the heartbreaking stories of people sitting in traffic?
  • Joslyn and Clark are in the bottom two this week. Tyra only has one photo in her hand. So who stays? The girl who had a spark, but is now sparkless? Or the girl who’s eyebrows don’t really match her hair all that well? Clark is no longer in the running towards becoming America’s Next………….Top………..Model. Clark packs her bags and heads out. She also crowns herself Miss America…Not really sure what that’s about.