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If you haven’t been rocking Birddogs shorts or at least heard of them, get your ass out from under that rock and welcome to America.  Their shorts (and now pants) are pretty sick.  We’ll cover some of their top picks, how to score a possible free gift (yep, really), and just exactly what their promo code policy (and gift codes) is really all about.

Birddogs Promo Codes For July 2024


You’ve probably seen ads for their shorts (the ones with the built-in liner) all over Facebook.  Well, we’re of a certain age so we first spotted them on Facebook (hey, at least we didn’t say Myspace) and now most recently they seem to constantly be in our TikTok “For You” page.  Per usual, TikTok knows us better than we know ourselves.

If you’re not really up to speed on the brand, Birddogs is probably one of the coolest brands we’ve covered this year.  Hell, if we didn’t work here, we’d basically beg them for a job.  They’re the creators of some of the most comfortable and forgiving shorts and pants for guys of so many different sizes.  Starting at small and going all the way up to 3XL their shorts have built-in liners so that you can easily move around in them without feeling like your man business is being crushed on the regular.

Whether you’re heading to the beach (yes, they have swim trunks too – see below), going for a run (don’t let the boys flop around) or just hanging out there really is something for just about every type of guy.  We particularly like that you can choose the length of the shorts you’d like – starting from 6-inches, 7-inches, or 9-inches.  6-inches is pretty short, but a great way to show off your legs and all those squats, deadlifts, and lunges you’ve been doing.  The 9-inch option is more like a board-shorts fit and is pretty forgiving.  you just do you, boo.

This brand actually cracks us up.  Everything they do makes us feel like they’re thinking “who cares, really?!”  And, well, we love that vibe.  But don’t just take our word for it.  They received an overall great review from Honest Brand Reviews, have been covered on ABC’s Shark Tank, and currently have more than 33 million video views on TikTok.  Needless to say, they’re everywhere.

We definitely recommend checking them out if you’re looking for some stylish, comfy, and form-flattering shorts and pants.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.  We get it.  You want to know all about their coupon sitch.  So, here’s the real deal on their overall sales and exactly what’s going on with their promo code/gift code policy.

When it comes to sales – they’re kind of like YETI where you’re never really going to find anything on sale.  In fact, it’s even been a thread on Reddit where people are wondering the same thing.  Typically brands that don’t have sales throughout the year will usually have a decent Black Friday sale or Cyber Monday deals but – at this time – we’re not seeing that yet.

And, similar to sales – Birddogs doesn’t really have discount codes either.  There is a space during checkout where you can enter in a “gift code” but when it comes to things like coupons or even promo codes you’ll pretty much be out of luck.  We’ve seen a lot of sites out there that have claimed to have 20% off discount codes, but when we tried them (all of them) none of them worked.  What’s the point of just making things up?!  We won’t call them out here, but you can probably guess who they are.

So in the meantime, take a look at some of the best of the best from Birddogs, including their newest arrivals, free shipping offer, their free returns and exchanges offer and if they ever issue out a promo code of any kind, especially for July 2024.


Get Official Birddogs Pants For Just $109

Ok, so we hate to just just $109, but hear us out.  Their pants are oddly comfortable, stretchy - which is great when you keep eating like we do - and fit pretty well to almost any type of body.  You can even choose them with or without the inside liner.  Shop from small to 3XL and check them out as comfy joggers, khakis you could probably get away with wearing to work, or silky soft sweatpants.

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Shop Amazing Bathing Suits For Just $98

It's always a great time to upgrade your swim trunks - whether it's summer, you're planning your next winter vacay or you just want to rock them any time of year.  They already have a comfy built-in liner so leave your nasty underwear at home.

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Get Bird Dog’s Famous Gym Shorts For Just $68

It's their famous gym shorts (the one everyone is sporting) and now you can get a variety of spectacular colors, patterns, sizes and more - all for just $68 and free shipping too!  Sizes start as small and go up to 3XL.  You can even choose the length of the shorts - depending on how much leg you wanna show off (6" to 9").

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How to Get a Free Tee Today!

A lot of folks are looking for coupons, gift codes, promo codes - you name it.  Well, welcome to not 1999.  This year it's all about the free gift(s) you can get with your purchase. In fact, typically when you buy more than one pair of shorts you can get a free t-shirt and more!

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Get FREE SHIPPING Online at Birddogs

Having to pay for shipping is so lame.  It's like, just add it to the price and tell us it's free.  You don't have to pay for shipping at Birddogs.  Get free standard shipping right now.  If you want to pay for shipping to get it ASAP, there's an option for that too.

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The Latest Birddogs Must-Haves This Month (and the Deal With Their Coupons)

Is there a men's brand cooler than Birddogs?  Doubtful.  They have the coolest shorts (you know, the ones with the built-in underwear of sorts) and at some really decent prices.  Take a look at their latest releases, most popular options, and the real deal with their promo codes, sales, and the like.

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