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CARIUMA Sneakers

Cariuma Promo Codes & coupons June 2024

A comfy sneaker brand that is totally sustainable and plants two trees for every pair of sneakers they sell?  Sign me up.  You’re going to love this!


I first found out about CARIUMA from where I get all my news from, TikTok.  In fact, videos about CARIUMA have currently racked up more than   30 million views.  Clearly, I’m not alone.  Anyway, they have some of the comfiest sneakers I’ve worn in a while, that are still super stylish.  And even better?  They’re totally sustainable and ethically sourced.  Plus, whenever you buy a pair of sneakers from them, they’ll actually plant two trees as a ‘thank you’ for your purchase.  Isn’t it kind of cool to know there are trees basically planted in your name?



Pair of Insoles



Free Shipping Offer



Free Returns Offer


There are a lot of cool styles to choose from (anywhere from skaters to surfers and everything in between), but my personal favorites are their classic OCA slip-ons.  They’re pretty similar to my favorite VANS sneakers I’ve basically worn into the ground.  However, their color selection on these are amazing and they have have really cool patterns to choose from too.  And if, like me, you’re into the latest trends, be sure to check out their latest selection with the current Pantone Color of the Year here.

When it comes to sustainability, their founds Dave and Fernando said,

By embracing personal style over status-quo trends, we empower conscious consumers to buy quality over quantity (the only true answer to sustainability). That’s why we source our materials responsibly and design timeless silhouettes. We also maintain ethical factories and employ a strict code of conduct in our day-to-day operations. And we believe in giving back to our conscious community and fellow eco-friendly organizations.

It’s great to know I’m doing some good in this world without having to try so hard, to be honest.  Just be mindful of where you’re shopping and how they’re creating the product(s) you’re purchasing.  I strongly recommend checking out their sneaker selection for both women and men. I think you’ll be surprised by how cool they are.


You know I basically shop as a profession now. Online, at least! I can almost always (always) find some kind of promo code or coupon to use, especially when I’m ready to actually make my purchase. CARIUMA has pretty strict guidelines when it comes to coupons. You can use them when you checkout, but you’re not going to find them online anywhere else except their own site.

I was able to score a really decent promo code just by subscribing to their newsletter. Once I entered in my email address (it’s got to be your real email address) you’ll get the code for a free pair of insoles for your sneakers. It’ll just make them feel even more comfy and, come on, they’re free!

Right now you can also get free shipping and free returns too. If you’re looking for free giveaways you can check out their Instagram account to be kept in the loop on all those type of offers too.  And don’t forget Cariuma’s Black Friday event does exist, even though it’s a bit different than most!



Sneakers that are super comfy and sustainable? Sign me up! Cariuma has some of the most comfy and super stylish sneakers for women and men I’ve seen in a while. Take a look at their current selection and their promo code for a free gift this month – along with free shipping and even free returns. Reveal more here!


Like I always say, if it’s free it’s for me! Today Cariuma is giving away a free pair of must-try sneaker insoles. And this is one of the only current promo codes they have. Subscribe to their emails and you’ll get your free gift discount code so you can score those insoles. Reveal more here!


Don’t stress about having to pay for shipping because right now you can get free shipping and free 60-day returns, no questions asked.  You don’t need a promo code or coupon to take part in this offer either! Reveal more here!


There are dozens of popular sneaker options for women, with many of them now under $80 with free shipping and free returns. My favorites are their entire selection of sneakers based on the Pantone Color of the Year. Reveal more here!


New season, who dis? Check out some of Cariuma’s newest colors of the season in options like rose, off-white, grey, green, triple-white, viva magenta, and more.  Get free shipping on this $79 beauties too. Reveal more here!


I can never have too many pairs of canvas sneakers and right now you can get their OCA-line for less than $80 with free shipping and free returns. Currently there are more than 10 different colors and patterns to choose from. Reveal more here!


I love their slip-ons. They remind me of my favorite VANS, but sustainable. Right now you can get them for less than $100 and free shipping too. Choose from classic colors like white, grey, black, and blue. Or even funky and fun patterns like zebra print, polka dots, leopard print, and more. Reveal more here!


I try to go the vegan route whenever I can. Check out their exclusive selection of vegan sneakers now priced at under $80. Reveal more here!