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You’ve seen those pictures all over Instagram and, well, now it’s time to try it for yourself. Yes, I’m talking about those Hanacure face masks! I’ve tried it, I’m here to tell you the results, and how to save some money on your next order (plus what’s the deal with those promo codes anyway?).


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The first time I heard about Hanacure was   when Drew Barrymore showed her before-and-after    results on Instagram.  It honestly  looked  horrifying, but I were totally intrigued.  

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I personally  ordered their starter kit   and off I went.  The directions were pretty easy to follow (I shook the packet, opened the little vile of serum, poured it into the contain and shook it again for like 30 seconds).

I then painted the goo on my face, fanned it, and then waited about 30 minutes.  I looked crazy.  Like, legit crazy.  But once I was done and washed it off, my face felt awesome and honestly looked amazing.  My fine lines were reduced, everything looked and felt smoother and people actually commented on how they thought I got something done.  I’m hooked.

The only really negative about this, in my opinion, is the price.  It’s kind of expensive (but def not as expensive as my  other fave brand, La Mer and especially DefenAge Skincare).  I think it’s totally worth it, but you may find it too much to commit to. I always add them to our gift guide and it’s usually a top seller every season!  


When it comes to things like coupons and other discounts, Hanacure isn’t typically known for giving major discounts via promo codes and coupons, but there are some ways to save on your next order.  Some of my current faves include things like:


It’ll be tough to find a working promo code, but there are times when you can save the most during the year like between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Your best bet to stay totally informed is to sign up for their email (for free) and they’ll send you updates on new arrivals, the latest news, and any official coupon codes and sales they’re having.



If you’re ready to try Hanacure (and you should!) right now is the perfect time to test them out! You can try it for as low as $29! And you can even qualify for free shipping when you spend just $100 on your order. Do it, you won’t regret it! Reveal more here!


If you’re looking to take an extra $20 off your next order you’re in luck! This month their referral program makes it super easy to, not only, get $20 off, but your friend will get $20 off their order too! Click through the get the deets and start saving! Reveal more here!

15% OFF

One of the best coupons I was able to find was their official partnership with Violet Grey. When you shop via Violet Grey you can sign up with your email to get an extra 15% off your order. They even have that famous $29 starter kit. Reveal more here!


If you’re looking to not spend a ton, you can get the starter pack for just $29! Click through and get yours now. Feel free to pick us up one too! Reveal more here!


When you’re ready to commit to the set (like we are) you gotta go with the set of 4 for just $110. Sometimes they even through in a sample or two of the new Nano Emlusion Moisturizer for free! Reveal more here!


Hanacure is now offering free standard shipping with minimum spend.  This is standard ground shipping, but it’s still free! Reveal more here!