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The Real Deal With the Hey Dude Student Discount

HEY DUDE Student Discount Code May 2024

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Hey Dude is one of the coolest footwear brands around.  While they may seem “All American” they were actually founded in Italy in 2008 by Alessandro Rosano, who wanted to create lightweight and versatile shoes that could be worn for a wide variety of different occasions. Hey Dude shoes have recently gained popularity for their unique blend of style, comfort, and functionality.


Hey Dude shoes are made using a combination of innovative materials and construction techniques. For example, for their upper materials they use canvas, knit fabric, and synthetic materials. These materials are chosen for their durability, breathability, and flexibility.

Perhaps their most notable area of expertise is their Flex & Fold Technology.  This design element allows the shoes to be easily folded in half, making them compact and easy to pack for travel, tossing in your gym bag – you name it.  This is just one of the reasons why students are loving this brand and why you’re probably seeing them sported in just about every middle school in America.

And speaking of students, we learned that Hey dude has a really impressive discount for students who are already enrolled in school.  So let’s break down all the different discounts they currently offer, how to get them, and how to use them.

Does HeyDude Really Offer a Student Discount?

I’ve been covering deals and discounts for some of my favorite brands for the last 5 years here at Trendsicle and I gotta say that when it comes a student discount, Hey Dude has one of the best ones I’ve seen in a while.

Currently they’re offering students an extra 20% coupon you can immediately use once you’re verified.  So many other brands typically give students either 5% of 10%, so the fact that they give out 20% is really no joke!

They’ve teamed up with the trusted Student Beans brand which makes getting your 20% coupon really easy.  All you have to do it create and account with Student Beans, which is fast and free, and once verified they’ll give you your own discount code that you can use at checkout when you shop direct at Hey Dude.

When you go their site, simply scroll down to the bottom of their homepage and click on the link in the footer called “Student Discount.”  From there, it’ll kick you over to their Student Beans section, which is make it quick and easy to sign up and get verified.  Here’s what i looks like:

How About a Discount For Teachers?

Teachers rejoice!  While so many of you are still forced to purchase your own school supplies, the folks at HeyDude are saying “thanks” but also giving you your own 20% discount code.  It’ll be unique to you, but it’s quick and easy to apply via ID-ME.  

Similar to the student discount, go to the homepage and click on the Teacher link in the footer.

The Military, First Responder & Healthcare Coupon

Just to make this easier, HeyDude is also offering a generous 20% coupon code for those in the military, a hospital employee, medical provider, nurse, or first responder.

Again, this is via their partnership with ID-ME, but once you’re verified you’re good to go and can use you 20% at checkout directly on Hey Dude’s website.