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You know we love all things beauty and especially the latest trends in makeup. Maybe it was the pandemic, but we found ourselves trying out so many new products – even though we basically had nowhere to go! Our latest beauty obsession is basically everything that Kosas has to offer. They’re entire clean line of cosmetics is pretty spectacular and you can feel just as good as you look knowing you’re not packing on harmful chemicals to your skin. A total win/win.



Take an extra 10% off online just by simply subscribing to their free newsletter.  When you enter in your email address you’ll get a 10% promo code you can use on your order right away – along with free shipping and returns.

Kosas has been around for while now and we’ve been using their, now famous, weightless lipstick for so long.  They’ve even been awarded as one of the top clean makeup products on the market by Byrdie.  When it comes to beauty essentials we always feel better when other popular publishers give them their stamp of approval.

Why we really love them – outside of how amazing their cosmetics are – is because their entire line is considered clean.  So we don’t have to worry about all kinds of harmful (and scary) chemicals and worse that we’re adding our skin.  In fact, they even adhere to Sephora’s strict clean standards and, at last check, have banned more than 2,700 ingredients from their products.  You won’t have to worry about things like:

★  Parabens
★  Sulfates
★  Talc
★  Aluminum
★  Formaldehyde

And hundreds and hundreds of others.  It’ll leave your skin feeling great and looking great, which is something so many other brands really can’t say.

Like we mentioned, our personal fave is their weightless lipstick (in Rosewater) and that’s something we use (and feel good about using) basically every day.  Quick, simple, and amazing.  But there are a bunch of other items we’re in love with too like:

★ Their Wet Lip Gloss – See More Here
★ Their “Sun Show” Bronzer – See More Here
★ Their Clean Deodorant – See More Here

It’s interesting because once you start to really research and learn about all the harmful things that may be on some other brands you really seek out options that are free of as many bad things for you as possible.  So once we were hooked on their makeup, branching out to things like deodorant really was the next natural step.  We’re excited to see what they’re going to come out with next that we can try!

If you’re ready to play it safe and try something new, we really think you’re going to fall in love with Kosas just like we have.  To say that we’re obsessed is truly an understatement.

Kosas Coupons & Deals - July 2024

While their prices are actually pretty good, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t always looking for some kind of a deal.  There was some confusion internally about their coupon policy so we decided to look into it to see what was up.  We learned that, yes, Kosas does accept promo codes during their checkout process over on their site.  But they can only be used on their site and, in fact, the only place you’ll ever be able to find active discount codes is from them.

We did learn about a couple of pretty great promo offers from their site you may find helpful.  Just make sure to check over there to see what’s still valid since things can always change.


Our latest beauty obsession comes from Kosas – and their entire line of clean makeup and skincare product that stays away from over 2,000 bad ingredients.  We love their lipstick and just about everything else they create.  Take a peek at their best selling makeup picks this week, new arrivals perfect for this season, and any promo code offers or coupons they may be promoting on their website today.


Take an extra 10% off online just by simply subscribing to their free newsletter.  When you enter in your email address you’ll get a 10% promo code you can use on your order right away – along with free shipping and returns.


Not sure where to start?  We always recommend to check out their best selling items first as a quick and helpful guide.  Current top selling makeup is now priced at only $15 and going up from there.  Take a peek at picks like bronzer, foundation, lipstick, lip gloss, and almost anything else your beauty-heart desires. 

10% OFF

It’s our personal fave and how we were first introduced to them.  Take a peek at their amazing weightless lipstick in so many different color options and now it’s only $26 with an extra 10% off option and free shipping too!

20% OFF

Now you can take up to 20% off some of the newest arrivals of the season.  Take a look at fun options like setting powders, their “Clean Start” set, mascara, lip kits, and so much more.

20% OFF

One of the best values is their Clean Start sets – where you can get up to 20% off the original price.  There are plenty of ways to stock up and save too.  It’s the perfect way to get ready for the upcoming season or a great gift idea for the beauty lovers on your list.

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