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Prepare yourself for a journey to the feline frontier with the Litter Robot – the ultimate litter box for both you and your feline overlord! Strap in, cat lovers, because this isn’t just a litter box; it’s a space-age marvel that will send your cat’s waste into orbit (metaphorically, of course)!



I told ya that if you shop direct with Litter Robot you can score a great deal! This month you can get an extra $200 off when you sign up with your email address.  Click to get all the deets!

First Impressions: As I unboxed the Litter Robot, I couldn’t help but feel like a mad scientist discovering a groundbreaking invention. The sleek, futuristic design made me half-expect my cat to emerge wearing a tiny astronaut suit. The Litter Robot stands as a testament to human ingenuity – and an upgrade to my cat’s bathroom experience.

Operation Galactic Cleanliness: Forget the days of scooping out clumps and dodging the inevitable waft of eau de litter. The Litter Robot takes litter maintenance to a whole new dimension. Its automated self-cleaning system ensures that your cat’s little “gifts” are swiftly and silently dispatched to a hidden waste drawer. It’s like having a personal janitor for your cat’s bathroom!

Space-Age Technology: The Litter Robot isn’t just a litter box; it’s a space pod for your feline friend. With its sensor technology, it detects when your cat has used the litter box and initiates the cleaning process. It’s like having a butler, but for your cat’s bathroom needs. Plus, the countdown timer for the cleaning cycle adds a touch of drama to your cat’s daily routine.

A Cat’s Dream Come True: If cats could talk, I’m pretty sure they’d give the Litter Robot a standing ovation. The spacious interior gives even the chonkiest of kitties room to maneuver, and the soft night-light feature creates an otherworldly ambiance. My cat, Captain Whiskers, now struts out of his Litter Robot like a conquering hero returning from battle.

Final Verdict: The Litter Robot is a game-changer for cat households. It’s not just a litter box; it’s a portal to the future of feline sanitation. It’s efficient, stylish, and your cat will feel like a true space explorer with every visit. So, blast off into a purr-fect future – your cat deserves nothing less! While it is on the pricey side, of course, they do make it pretty easy to save a little when you order from them directly.  I’ll get into that below if you’re ready to pick one up for yourself!

Litter Robot Coupon & Deal Situation - July 2024

If you’re looking for crazy online coupons for Litter Robot you’re basically going to be out of luck, so don’t waste your time scouring the dirtiest ends of the internet.  Instead,  just shop Litter Robot direct on their site because they’re totally transparent on any of the promo offers they’re currently promoting.  And they’re nothing to scoff at, TBH.  I’ve recently seen a way to save $200 with email signup, getting an extra $50 off when you choose a bundle option, and even a pretty generous “refer a friend” offer.  Some of my personal faves are below.


Go right to the source and check out their complete list of new and active promo offers they’re promoting this month. Get $200 off, save $50 when you choose a bundle, get $100 when you refer a friend and more!

$200 OFF

You and your kitty can take an additional $200 off your order when you subscribe with your email address.  It takes less than 5 seconds and they’ll provide you with your own $200 promo offer.  Score!

GET $100 OFF

Spread the word, because when you refer a friend to Litter Robot and they make a minimum purchase you’ll get $100 off a future purchase as a “thank you.”  Even cooler?  Your friend will get $50 to put towards their order.  


This is probably one of the best ways to save a really decent amount (up to $100!) without needing a discount code or anything like that.  Take a look at any of their approved, tested, and refurbished products.  Don’t worry, it’ll still come with a 1-year warranty!

NOW $299

It’s the latest we’re all buzzing about, the Feeder Robot! And now you can get it for just $299.  It’s the automatic kitty feeder that allows you to set portion-controlled meal schedules from the app or the feeder itself.  


It’s officially the smartest, quietest self-cleaning litter box yet and you can snag free shipping today!  Did I mention this one also comes in 8 different color options?  My personal fave is lilac! 

20% OFF

Gotta love a 20% incentive?  Take a look at their different litter options, odor traps and more where you can save an extra 20% off.  Not too shabby!