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Get Your Hands on the Internet’s Favorite Always Pan for Less with the Our Place Promotion


I tried the famous Always Pan from Our Place and I just may never go back to cooking in anything else ever again. If you’re new to the brand here’s everything you need to know. Total life changer!


I’ve been covering deals for years now and this coupon from Our Place is probably one of the most generous I’ve found. When you enter in your email address you’ll get a 25% code to use on your Always Pan order. Get all the details here.   Reveal more here!

I’m covering a lot in this article about Our Place, their Always Pan, current deals, and even the situation with their discount policy.  You can click on any of the links below to just jump to the area that may interest you most if you’re more of a scanner vs. a reader.  No shade.

Table of Contents

Our Place (The Always Pan) Overview

One of my favorite brands and products comes from Our Place.  And, yes, I am of course talking about their now famous Always Pan.  You may have seen them covering your Insta feed (specifically their terracotta pan) and in some of our most  popular gift guides here.   If you’re totally new to them – well – you’re really missing out.  Their one pan alone will replace up to 8 of your others.  Yes, really.

I wanted to review Our Place as part of our  Trendy AF series  but, to be honest, we hate placing them in our trendy category because after buying a bunch of their items, they’re so much more than a trend.  They’re clearly here to stay.

I picked up their  Always Pan  (I chose their blue salt color option) and was pretty skeptical even after reading rave reviews from publishers like  Business Insider.   But here’s the thing.  It really is like replacing 8 of your different cooking pans.

For me, if I’m being truthful, I didn’t have 8 to replace.  In fact, I didn’t have 3.  However, moving into my new home I needed a bunch of cooking essentials and even though I love all things  Le Creuset  and everyone told me to go with them, so far having the Always Pan hasn’t really required me to pick up much else.

My only minor issue is that they don’t recommend to place it inside your oven like you would with a cast-iron option.  The good news for me is that I already had a cast-iron pan so this didn’t really bother me at all.  And it really can do so many cool things like:

  • Saute
  • Steam
  • Fry
  • Boil
  • Sear
  • Braise

And it really can replace other pans like your sauce pan, frying pan, skillet, steamer, and more.  While this may not be a huge deal for some, I’m pretty obsessed with the spoon-rest right on the pan itself.  I suppose I’m pretty lazy, but the fact that I don’t have to wipe off my counter with spoon and spatula stains is a game-changer for me!

Our Place's Deals, Sales & Promo Code Situation

So, this was a hot topic for me.  And while I wish we had better news, I want to give it to your straight.  At this point, Our Place rarely has major sales and deals going on.  The last one I saw took place at the end of April-into-May where you could get $30 off.  And I’ve seen (and shopped) our Always Pan during Black Friday.  But, that’s really few and far between.

The good news is that they do have some ways to save, especially when you either choose one of their bundle options (you can take up to $40 off) or if you go from a place setting of 4 to 8, they’ll sometimes provide you with an extra $15 off.  So, while they don’t really have traditional sales, you can still save a bit.  Check out their current bundle options here!

Another hot topic question surrounds coupons and promo codes.  I researched this one a bit (mainly for our own sake), but wanted to fill you in on what I found.  The good news is that, yes, Our Place does accept promo codes at checkout.  However, they really don’t give these out to other sites.  And, to be clear, we don’t have any exclusive promo code offers here whatsoever.  And, to be honest, if you see them on other websites who claim to have them, they most likely don’t work.  So, really, don’t waste your time trying to hunt them down.

I mentioned the ways to save above with their bundles, but I also discovered that they offer free shipping and free 30-day returns and they even have a cool offer where you can get $20 off if you refer a friend and they make a purchase.  I’ll list out some of our faves below so you can easily get to some of their most popular items.

Current Promo Offers & Sales - June 2024


My absolute latest obsession (as you know) has been the Always Pan from “friend in my head” Our Place. To put it bluntly, you’ll never cook the same way again! Check out their best selling items, their famous Always Pan, and even some ways to save a bit when you choose their bundled items. Any promo codes or coupons will come direct from them and you can still bundle and save!   Reveal more here!


I’ve been covering deals for years now and this coupon from Our Place is probably one of the most generous I’ve found. When you enter in your email address you’ll get a 25% code to use on your Always Pan order. Get all the details here.   Reveal more here!

25% DEAL

The cast iron Always Pan is where it’s at and right now you can exclusively get an extra 25% off its original price. Choose from colors like blue salt, lavender, sage, sear, and more. Best part? No discount code is needed for this one. Just click to save.   Reveal more here!

28% OFF

They don’t always have a sale, but when they do you better shop it!  You can get up to an extra 28% off some of their best sellers.  Take a look at their cast iron cookware, the heirloom set, drinkware, dinner plates, and more.   Reveal more here!

$50 OFF

Today you can get an extra $50 off when you choose from their, now famous, bundle and save program.  Take a look at their free shipping and returns offer too.   Reveal more here!


Now you can get free shipping, free returns, and even a free 100-day trial.  Even better?  you don’t need a coupon for any of this. Get all the deets here.   Reveal more here!

15% OFF

As a new offer, Our Place has partnered up with StudentBeans to offer currently enrolled students an extra 15% discount code. Get verified (it’s free) and the 15% code is all yours.  Reveal more here!

Does Our Place Offer a Student Discount

Good news!  And this is new news, Our Place now officially offers students an extra 15% discount code they can use at checkout online.  They’ve partnered up with StudentBeans for the 15% discount.  All you have to do is verify your student status and they’ll provide you, immediately, with your own unique coupon to use.  Visit their site here.

Military, Nurse, Teacher Discounts

At this time, Our Place isn’t offering discounts for those in the military, nurses, teachers, etc.  The only discount I’ve found, at this time, is the above student discount.

How to Get a 20% Promo Code

Well, there’s some good news and bad news with this one.  Our Place doesn’t currently offer a 20% promo code.  However, they are offering a 25% one!  Sign up with your email address and they’ll provide you the 25% off code.  Visit their site here to learn more.

Connect With Our Place

I always think it’s a great idea to connect with a brand on all their social media channels.  Typically, this is one of the best ways to be kept in the loop on upcoming sales, last minute deals, new products, back-in-stock status and, yes, even a coupon or two from time to time.  Here’s all the way you can connect with them now.