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One of the coolest fashion brands around these days has to be Outerknown.  They have a radical commitment to sustainability without compromising style or comfort.  Probably the most famous American surfer of all time, Kelly Slater, has led the charge and helped create and inspire some of the raddest clothing for women and men all while focusing on protecting the environment and all of our future.  It’s no small task, but one we fully support regularly.



Take an additional 15% off online with their approved and active promotion.  Just subscribe to their emails and you’ll get a 15% promo code to use on their website. 

Outerknown, in our opinion, is probably one of the most transparent and honest fashion brands around that focus on sustainability each and every day.  In order to stay committed to their vision they know that some of their items are going to be a bit more expensive, but they’re really marketing to those of us who care enough and are willing to pay a bit more from time to time.  They do their absolute best to keep prices as low as possible, however – so that it really can be affordable to as many people as possible.

While all things sustainability really are of the utmost importance – we have to be honest.  Their clothes are amazing.  Truly.  And if you’re into swimwear of all sorts they really are some of the coolest and on-trend around.  Yes, they can do both.  We’ve picked up a few of their swimsuits and we get compliments on them regularly – which gives us a small chance to quickly talk about sustainability to our friends.  You’d be surprised how many people aren’t even thinking about it.  So it’s a win-win.  Some of our other faves include:

Outerknown Sales, Deals & Promo Codes

What’s Their Promo Code Policy?

We researched this a bit, but it didn’t really take long at all because Outerknown has made it really clear.  They do not to coupons, promo codes, or even major sales.  It’s not that they don’t want to, it’s just that their prices basically need to be what they are in order to meet their sustainability goals and overall mission.

While we do not have any exclusive offers here at all – they do have one promo code for 15% off when you subscribe to their emails.  Other than that (at this time) that’s the only official offer out there.  We totally get it.

Outerknown Newest Coupons & Deals - April 2024


Take an additional 15% off online with their approved and active promotion.  Just subscribe to their emails and you’ll get a 15% promo code to use on their website. 


Something that’s a bit new is their everyday hero discount.  According to the latest, as a thank you to anyone working to serve and improve our communities, they’ve partnered with GovX to offer a 15% discount code.  Just click through, scroll to the bottom of their homepage and click the discount link!

$30 Referral Code

Got a friend?  When you refer a friend to Outerknown your friend will get $30 off towards their purchase and, with a minimum spend, you’ll get a $30 credit you can use on a future purchase too.  It pays to have friends.  Finally!

NOW $38

The coolest and most comfortable tees ever are now priced at only $38 and go up from there. Take a look at their wide color selection and find the right ones for your vibe.

NOW $58

Not sure where to begin?  Take a look at the current best sellers for women with some of the most popular picks now at $58 and going up from there. You’ll love their jeans, dresses, swimsuits, tops, and everything else you can imagine! 

NOW $78

Get some of the coolest swim trunks for guys now priced at only $68 and going up from there.  Take a look at their Kelly Slater board shorts, solid shorter swim trunks, and more.


Outerknow makes it really easy to get free shipping and, better yet, you don’t even need a promo code to get your shipping for free.  With a minimum spend they’ll provide you with free shipping at checkout.  Get all the details here.