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Introducing Plufl: The woof-worthy bed for hoomans!

$50 OFF

While they usually don’t have promo codes, Plufl is now providing you a $50 offer this month. Get all the details here. Reveal more here!

Experience what it feels like to sleep on a cloud with the ultra-comfortable and sleep-inducing environment that the Plufl provides.  You may have seen them on Shark Tank, but I’ve actually slept/napped on one and, trust me, it’s well worth the investment.

With features including a luxuriously soft vegan fur exterior, a 360° supportive plush pillow bolster, handles for easy transport, and a side pocket big enough for your phone or favorite read, the Plufl is guaranteed to be the most comfortable thing you’ve ever laid on.  At least it has been for me…and I’ve legit fallen asleep on my dog’s bed before!


$ 0 OFF




$ 0

Prepare to be whisked away into dreamland as you sink into the ultra-comfortable, sleep-inducing sanctuary that Plufl offers. With its luxuriously soft vegan fur exterior, you’ll feel like you’re snuggling up with a fluffy angel. And that’s not all!

Plufl comes with a 360° plush pillow bolster that gently cradles your head and neck, banishing any tension and inviting you into a state of pure bliss. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world!

Convenience meets comfort with Plufl’s genius features. It folds in half, making storage and transport a breeze. Take it on adventures or simply move it from room to room with ease. Plus, it even has a side pocket big enough to hold your phone or other everyday essentials, so you can have all your essentials within paw’s reach!

Let’s talk materials. The Plufl cover is crafted from Oeko-Tex Certified 100% Polyester Plush Fabric, ensuring the highest quality and softest snuggles.

The bolster is stuffed with synthetic cotton for maximum cuddle factor, while the mattress is made from Certi-Pur Orthopedic foam with a gel-infused cooling air memory foam topper. It’s like sleeping on a magic carpet!


I’ve looked into this quite a bit, especially because this human dog bed is pretty expensive.  But the good news is that you can use coupons when you shop direct on their site right at checkout.  The only real discount codes you’re ever going to get is going to come from them.  

I’ve rounded up some of the latest offers from them directly, but keep in mind that offers can always change so be sure to check them out to see what’s still available this month.


While offers like free shipping seem to be a constant, check out their latest promo code offers that’ll come directly from them, like getting $100 off their viral bed. Reveal more here!

$100 OFF

Right now you can get an extra $100 off your Plufl bed and free shipping as well.  Choose from two different popular colors; Arctic Grey or Biscuit. Reveal more here!

$50 OFF

While they usually don’t have promo codes, Plufl is now providing you a $50 offer this month. Get all the details here. Reveal more here!


It seems like nothing is free these days, but right now they’re providing you with free standard shipping within the continental United States!  You don’t need a discount code for this either.  It’ll just automatically adjust when you checkout. Reveal more here!


I always love a referral program and Plufl’s is one of the better ones I’ve seen in a while.  When you refer a friend and they make a purchase you’ll get $50 off towards your order.  You friend will even get $15 off they can put towards theirs. Reveal more here!

In Conclusion

So, whether you’re seeking a peaceful nap, a moment of relaxation, or a furry cuddle session with your best pal pets, Plufl is the answer to all your dreams. Get ready to experience sleep like you’ve never felt before and will their $100 coupon you can save a little on your next order too!