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Rollbacks, and clearance, and sales…oh my!  Looking to save a bit for you and your family at Walmart this month?  You’re in luck because we’ve uncovered some of the best sales and deals today.  Plus, these promo codes and coupons certainly don’t hurt the cause.  Read on!

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Sale Today: Up to 50% Here

There is literally nothing that Walmart doesn’t carry.  No matter what we seem to need, they totally seem to have it.  Whether we’re shopping in-store or online (our preference so we don’t have to leave our house) there’s always a great sale going on almost each and every day.  Walmart has really stepped up their game lately, especially with their acquisition of Jet (which honestly has the best customer service we’ve ever had).  But more importantly, they’re really trying to take on the e-com giant, Amazon, when it comes to better prices, better delivery options and more.  That totally benefits us, as the consumers, because who doesn’t love a constant price battle for the lowest prices online?!

While Walmart is typically known for having the best sales ever during their Black Friday event, there are always other ways to save all throughout the year.  First off, you can get free 2-day shipping on hundreds of thousands of everyday items. Plus, their rollback pricing is always popping up allowing us to save, on average, anywhere from 10% – 35% off original prices.  And don’t even get us started on their clearance section.  We’ve seen savings on things like best-selling electronics and tech gadgets for up to 60% off and everyday household essentials for up to 50% off.  Check out some of the best Walmart promo code, coupons, and major sales happening (so far) in July 2024.


Free Alert: Get Free 2-Day Shipping at Walmart Today!

Having to pay for shipping is so yesterday! Click on through and gain access to free 2-day shipping at Walmart this month. Some restrictions apply, but you can currently claim your free shipping on over 1 million of their products. No, really. Just spend $35 on your order and you're good to go! More Less

Up to 50% Off

Save Up to 50% Off With Walmart Coupons

So many coupons, so little time! You can actually save upwards of 50% off select items when using some of these current coupons. It's really a great way to save on food, every day household must-haves, pet products, stuff for baby, personal care items, and so much more. More Less

Up to 20% Off

July 2024 Walmart Coupon Codes, Sales & Promos

We love a deal! Check out all the latest sales, deals, promos and applicable coupon codes at Walmart happening right now this month! Browse the deals for some of the best-selling tech, home decor, household items, gadgets, clothing and more!

More Less

And the Savings Keep on Coming This Month Online:

Up to 25% Off

Snag Up to 25% Off Select Beauty Brands

Don't spend top dollar when you're shopping for the latest beauty products and trends! This month you can save up to 25% off select beauty products including things like face washes and scrubs, liquid foundations, makeup brushes, mascaras and more! More Less

Up to 60% Off

Toy Sale Time! Enjoy Up to 60% Off Select Best Selling Toys & Games

We're kids at heart so we love a major toy sale! This month you can save upwards of 60% off select toys and games for kids of all ages. Uh, did we mention up to 60% off?! And we're not just talking about last years toys, we're talking some of the best-selling toys this year! Is it too early to start our Christmas holiday shopping now?! More Less

Up to 30% Off

The Appliance Sale: Get Up to 30% Off Select Kitchen Appliances & Gadgets

There's nothing we love better than browsing all the kitchen gadgets and appliances. We always feel like we'll become the ultimate chef once we make our purchase. Well, so far, this month you can save up to 30% off select appliances (from small to large). Check out the savings on select coffee makers, toasters, blenders, dryers, stand mixers, and more. We spied some major savings on a KitchenAide stand mixer for just $239! Check it out while supplies last and items are still on sale. More Less

Up to 60% Off

Take Up to 60% Off Select Electronics & Tech Gadgets

Looking to upgrade your outdated tech gadgets? Same with us! For a limited time you can grab up to 60% off select electronics, tech gadgets, smart home devices, and more. Check out their 4K televisions, laptops, tablets, cameras, unlocked smartphones and more. We actually spied an unlocked Apple iPhone for just $149. Hurry while the deals are still available! More Less

The 8 Best Perks & Ways You Can Save Today!

Outside of coupon codes and every day sales, there are a bunch of additional ways to save at Walmart too. In fact, we’ve rounded up some of the best ways both online and in-store because, well, we know people love going to the store and browsing around for hours.  This is usually because you need a vacation from your family and, well, we don’t blame you one bit!

1. Always Strategize Around ‘Price Matching’ Whenever You Can – Sure there are some stores that won’t honor price matching anymore (sadly), but many still will.  And, to be honest, it’s actually pretty easy.  You can easily achieve this one of two ways.  First, you can bring in the ad (hardcopy or show the offer via your smartphone to the cashier) and, if it’s accurate, they’ll give you the competitors price.  A friendly little tip is to also go speak with the store manager as well (and be nice!) because they’ll be able to help you out usually.  The second way is to simply tell the cashier where you’ve seen the lower price and they can look it up for you.  Personally, we like to have the copy with us to speed things along.

2.  Download the ‘Savings Catcher’ App and Save – It’s not that you really need to add another app to your collection, but this one is a must-have if you not only want to check in on competitor pricing before you buy, but it’s vital if you want to check to see if anything you’ve bought recently went on sale after you purchased it.  The Savings Catcher will allow you to check the local competition and if they have the same product for cheaper, you’ll get an e-gift card for the difference.  Plus, you can actually scan your receipt barcode with the app to see if anything you bought recently went on sale.  It’s pretty amazing.

3.  Earn Free Shipping – This one is a real no-brainer.  We totally dislike having to pay for shipping because it seems like such a punch to the gut, but as long as you spend $35 on your purchases you’ll be able to get free 2-day shipping.  That we can get behind!

4.  Pick Up Your Items For Free – Ok, having to actually go to the store to pick up what you’ve ordered online may seem a little counterintuitive, but you can always shop online and then have them shipped to your store for free and pick them up same day!  You’ll save on shipping and won’t have to go aisle to aisle looking for what you want to buy.  Fast and cheap!

5.  Look Out for Seven Day Price Adjustments – That’s right folks!  If you happen to see the item you’ve purchased at Walmart (it has to be the same exact product) somewhere else cheaper within 7-days of your original purchase date, they’ll give you the difference.  Just make sure you hold on to those receipts!

6.  Black Friday Deals Last a While – Who doesn’t love shopping on Black Friday and, of course, Cyber Monday?  What is usually just a 2 day event can last the whole week of Thanksgiving at Walmart.  While some of the best prices will be on one of those two days, keep looking for sneak peeks starting at the very beginning of November and plan accordingly!

7.  Save $25 and Get 3% Back – We don’t always believe in getting a store credit card, especially if you don’t always pay it off on time.  If you don’t think you can do it, DO NOT sign up for the credit card.  However, if you’re like us and only spend what you have then this may be a decent deal for you.  First off, you’ll get $25 when you open it up (and spend it the same day if you’d like) and, second of all, you’ll save 3% every single time you make a purchase and there are currently no annual fees.  Score!  Check out more info about the card here.

8.  Regularly Patrol Their ‘Big Savings’ Section – If you’re online shoppers like us, make sure you browse their Big Savings section every day.  It’s there where you’ll find some of the biggest sales of the day and week!  They’ll even break it down for you by section, so things like electronics, toys, fashion, home and garden, total clearance and more!

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