Getting to Know YOU!

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Time for another installment of Getting to Know YOU! Here we take a look at what words people are typing into Google and somehow landing on ImBringingBloggingBack. Brilliant. As always, I list out my favorites of the past week and add my own thoughts after. Enjoy it, but not too much.
  • bindi irwin cameltoe (even I think that’s wrong)
  • her penis (surprise!)
  • cartoon ticket booth (mickey and minnie’s new business venture I’d assume)
  • “if there’s a sex tape where are the receipts?” (whitney??)
  • bitch thumbs (is that like chicken fingers?)
  • crap celebrity gossip (you’ve come to the right place!)
  • elizabeth shue blue bathing suit karate kid (it’s Alli with an “i”)
  • great celebrity interview questions (who would win in an Olsen chicken fight?)
  • how sluts dress (in red)
  • i’m in tears because people are trashing miley cyrus my celebrity role model (i’m in tears because you googled that)
  • is it normal to smell burnt toast after a concussion? (no, only during a stroke)
  • red headed slut and her hoe bag sister (it’s like Dina Lohan can never remember her kids names)
  • should we idolize celebrities (uh, yeah, who else are we supposed to idolize?)
  • terri irwin sexy (terri irwin is googling herself again)

You guys are a bunch of sickos.