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15 Amazing Ways to Gift Your Favorite Daughter This Year

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Shhh don’t let everyone else know she’s your favorite!  Show your daughter just how special she is with one of these super thoughtful (and even some funny) gift ideas.

Best Gifts for Daughters 2024 - Ideas for Daughter Gift from Mother or Father

Whether she’s young or (ahem) old, your daughter will always be your little girl.  When it comes time to figure out what you should get her for her special upcoming birthday, Christmas holiday, or “just because” it can truly be a jungle out there.  She basically already has everything and, well, depending on her age she’s likely to eye-roll whatever gift you give her.  We’ll help you out to avoid that.

We’ve, not only, researched some of the most popular and must-have things on the Internet (and now we’re tired), but we’ve also compiled our ultimate list based on some of the top-selling items we’ve sold in the past 3-months, ensuring you that whatever you end up choosing to get her ends up being totally on trend and, hopefully, unique enough for her taste.  From stunning necklaces and funny mugs to super cozy and comfy everything and, well, just about everything in between, check out out editor’s picks for the best gifts for your daughter (so far) in 2024.

Best of the Best

The ‘My Daughter, My Heart’ Necklace – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Daughter 2024: Necklace 2024

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It’s such a really sweet and sentimental way to let her know exactly how important she’s always been to you and how important she always will be.  This necklace is a combination of sterling silver and 22k gold-plated brass.  Even better, it’s handmade in California.  We always loving supporting local!  Learn more here!

The Beauty Pick

The Birchbox Monthly Beauty Box – Buy It Here

Gifts Ideas for Daughters 2024 - 2024 Birchbox

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It’s one of the top-selling beauty boxes (so far) this year and she’s going to love getting a surprise box of some really popular beauty, makeup, and skincare products each and every month.  If you don’t want to gift her with an entire year, check out their options for a one-time box, 3-months and more.  Learn more here!

The Unicorn Pick

The ‘Daughters are Magical’ T-Shirt (For Girls or Women) – Buy It Here

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Because, well, your daughter really is magical and pretty much a total unicorn in your life.  This whimsical tee comes in sizes for women (adult) and kids (girls) so it’s perfect for just about anyone.  We love it in navy blue, but it also comes in white, black, light blue, heather grey and more.  See more color options here!

The Funny Pick

The World’s Most Okayest Daughter Mug in White – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Daughter 2024: World's Okayest Daughter 2024

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It’s perfect for the gal who totally has a good sense of humor, especially if she really is the World’s ‘Okayest.”  Don’t get the rest of your family jealous after all! It comes in white and you can actually choose two different size options.  One is 11 ounces and the other is a larger 15 ounces (only for a couple of dollars more).  You can even get it as a travel mug, beer stein, and more in case coffee isn’t her jam.  See more options here!

The Sentimental Pick

The Cottage Garden Rustic Wooden Jewelry Box – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Daughter 2024: Jewelry Box 2024

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This one looks like it came from the set of Friends.  This daughter-centric wooden jewelry box is totally handcrafted and is given a teal distressed paint finish to give it that rustic or ‘farm-chic’ look.  It’s actually a music box too and you can even replace that daughter message with a personal photo if you’d like.  Learn more here!

The Oprah Pick

The Latest From Oprah:   ‘The Path Made Clear’ Book  – Buy It Here

Gift for Daughter: The Path Made Clear Book by Oprah 2024 -2020

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Because she could always use a little bit of inspiration and advice each and every day.   Every beautiful page features words of wisdom and inspiration from, not only, Oprah, but other major thought-leaders as well. It’s already a best-seller! Learn more here!

From the Mother

The ‘Dear Daughter’ Necklace – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Daughter 2024: Mother to Daughter Dear Necklace 2024

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We’re totally obsessed with this best-selling poetic sterling silver necklace she’ll be proud to wear.  It comes with the following message engraved, “Dear Daughter, take my love with you now and into the time that I will never know. It is as much a part of you as breath.”  Super sweet.  Learn more here!

The Comfiest Pick

The Super Cozy & Soft Snowe Bathrobe in White – Buy It Here

Daughter Gifts 2024: Snowe Bathrobe in White 2024

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This is one of the most comfortable shower robe we’ve been lucky enough to use.  Everyone online has been talking about it all year. It’s made of 100%  long-staple cotton, is really plush, and has a super comfy shawl collar. We love it in pure white, but it also comes in trendy slate blue and classic grey. See more color options here!

From the Father

The Father-Daughter Wooden Picture Frame – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Daughter 2024: Father to Daughter Picture Frame 2024

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There’s not a bond bigger than the one between daddy and daughter, no matter how old is now.  This wooden frame with the message of “The love between a father and daughter lasts forever” can hold a 4×6 picture and can either be hung on the wall or propped up on a desk or table with its folding easel.  Learn more here!

The Popular Pura Vida Friendship Bracelet – Buy It Here

Pura Vida Friendship Bracelet Gift for Daughter 2024 - 2024

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Yes she’s your daughter, but she’s also your friend.  Finally a cool bracelet she’ll actually want to wear each and every day.  It basically goes with just about anything she’s wearing!  There are dozens of these to choose from in so many different colors, styles and more.  Learn more here!

The MostBeautiful Flowers Delivered to Her Door from Bouqs  – Buy It Here

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If you’re looking to send her some flowers, these are the ones you want to send.  We’ve been gifting them ourselves for the past 2-years and the amount of compliments we get is insane.  There are so many different kind of flower bouquets to choose from and they even have an option to choose special flowers that are grown by local farmers at the base of a volcano in South America.  For real.  These are super affordable too.  You can’t go wrong.  See more flower options here!

The Scentbird Perfume Subscription Gift – Buy It Here

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You can choose from more than 400 major perfume brands like Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Tom Ford, Acqua di Parma, Coach and so many more.  Each month you’ll receive your new fragrances (the first month they’ll even give you a reusable travel-friendly refillable case) for you to test out.  She’ll love testing out new popular brands each month (they’ll last her the entire month as well).  Learn more here!

The Wireless Charging Station for iPhone by Belkin  – Buy It Here

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This is one of the best-selling wireless charging stations so far this year!  It’ll quickly charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPads, Air Pods, and more.  It’ll easily fit on most nightstands and is a must-have for all your devices.  See more color options here!

The Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger Box – Buy It Here

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Here’s the best way to let her know you’re thinking about her.  Simply use the app to send them a message and when you do the heart on the box will spin (alerting them that there’s a new message) and all they have to do is open the box to see the message you’ve just sent them!  It’s like a new take on that famous ‘long distance touch lamp‘ that basically broke the internet last year! Learn more here!

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