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The 27 Ultimate Couple Gifts For When They Already Have Everything Anyway

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You love them as a couple, but they’re totally a pain in the blank when you have to find a gift for them.  Here are the only couple gift ideas you need.

Best Gifts For Couples 2024 - Unique Gift Ideas For New Couples Who Have Everything 2024

What are you supposed to get the couple who already has everything anyway?  Or wait, are you part of that couple and trying to figure out what to gift your significant other?  Either way, it’s a jungle out there when it’s time to show that special someone how much they’re loved, you know, with material possessions.  We say save some money and just give hugs because they’re free!  Alas, we live in a world where couple gifting is always the best way to go.  From traditional couple gifts they can share together to more out-of-the-box ideas when it’s time to find something you think they’ll actually use (and don’t already have).  Check out our picks for the best gifts for couples (so far) in 2024.

For the Nostalgic Couple

The ‘Intersection of Love’ Personalized Photo Print – Buy It Here

Gifts for Couples 2018: Intersection of Love Picture & Frame

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Because they love to have their love on display in a super tasteful way.  This print can be personalized with their names (of course!) and you can choose options like color, frames, and more. So cool!  Learn more here!

For the Retro Couple

The Personalized Mixtape Pillow – Buy It Here

Gifts for Couples 2018: Retro Mixed Tape Pillow

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Because, let’s face it, there were definitely some questionable mix-tapes being made for each other back in the day.  Customize this comfy pillow with their names and have a personalized message written on the ‘b-side’ too. Learn more here!

The Monogrammed Choice

The Tiled Monogrammed Mug – Buy It Here

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Now you can get their initial monogrammed on these super cool tiled coffee mugs.  Learn more here!

The Super Sweet Choice

The Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger Box – Buy It Here

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Now this is the coolest thing ever!  All you do is simply gift someone this small ‘lovebox’ and whenever you use the app to send them a message the heart on the box will spin (alerting them that there’s a new message) and all they have to do is open the box to see the message you’ve just sent them!  It’s the perfect way to let that special someone know you’ve been thinking of them.  It’s like a new take on that famous ‘long distance touch lamp‘ that basically broke the internet last year!  Learn more here!

For the Couple Who are Best Friends

The ‘Best Friends’ (Pizza & Fries) T-Shirts – Buy It Here

Gifts for Best Friends 2018: Best Friends (Fries & Pizza) T-Shirts

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It’s really all about things they really love; french fries, pizza, and each other.  Pick up both t-shirts and wear them together.  They also come in a bunch of other cool colors too.  Learn more here!

The Personalized Choice

The Story Of Us Book – Buy It Here
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This fill-in journal is a great way for them to document their amazing love story together.  It’s something they’ll love reading years from now!  Learn more here!

The Cuddle Choice

The Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket – Buy It Here

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It’s one of the best-selling blankets of the year and one of the most comfortable ever!  This super cozy throw comes in a bunch of different colors like rose, black, grey, cream, blue, pink, and more.  Learn more here!

The Wine Lovers Choice

The HelloFresh Monthly Wine Subscription – Buy It Here

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Couples who drink together stay together.  Or so we’ve heard.  If they love HelloFresh for all their meal needs, they’re going to love it for all their wine needs. They’ll receive 6 bottles of wine per month!  They can choose packages based on red wine only, white wine only, or an assortment.  Seriously, this is the best ever.  Check out the additional wine options here.

For the Classy Couple

The Kate Spade ‘His & Hers’ Two of a Kind Glasses – Buy It Here

Gifts for Couples 2018: His & Hers Drinking Glasses

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Because when they’re going to have their celebratory cocktail after a hard day at work, it basically just tastes better when it’s in fancy ‘his & hers’ glasses like these.  Plus, Kate Spade always has the fanciest stuff.  Learn more here!

The Entertainers Choice

The Rose Gold Agate Cheese Board – Buy It Here

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They haven’t seen a cheeseboard like this before!  It’s a real conversation piece and one they’ll want to display on their table even when they’re not using it.  You can choose from different colors like rose quartz, amethyst, dyed blue, green, white quartz, and more.  Learn more here!

The Meaningful Choice

The ‘I Love You For All That You Are’ Repurposed Wood Wall Art – Buy It Here

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Because it’s a really rustic and beautiful reminder of who they are and what they mean to each other.  Learn more here!

For the Couple Who Bakes Together

The KitchenAid Best-Selling Copper Stand Mixer – Buy It Here

Gifts for Couples 2018: Copper KitchenAid Stand Mixer

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Because every couple dreams of the KitchenAid stand mixer and this latest one is not only a best-seller, but also comes in copper.  Copper!  Seriously it’ll be like a work of art proudly displayed on their counter.  Oh, plus they can make things like bread, cakes, pies, and almost everything else under the sun in it.  But, for real, how cool does this one look?! Learn more here!

The Cocktail Lovers Choice

The ‘His and Hers’ Copper Mugs – Buy It Here

Gifts for Couples 2018: His & Her Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

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Because copper Moscow Mule mugs are all the rage and each of them deserves their own that they can always drink out of! Learn more here!

The Luxury Choice

Matching (or Mix-and-Match) Super Comfy Bathrobes – Buy It Here

Comfy White Robe Gift 2024

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We dare you to find bathrobes that are more comfortable than these!  They’re made from 100% Turkish cotton, machine washable, and come in great color choices. This one is our favorite in ‘classic white’ but also comes in clean slate, grey, and more. See more color choices here.

For The Cooking Couples

The Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1 – Buy It Here

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This is the item that always sells out almost immediately on Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday, so grab it while you can. This 9-in-1 Instant Pot is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, egg maker, sauté, steamer (and so much more) all in one! It comes in a 3 quart, 6 quart (this one here), 8 quart, and ‘duo plus bundle’ all at different prices.  Check out all the size options and prices here.

The Event Choice

Local Event Tickets – Buy It Here

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Send them to their favorite concert, sporting event, play, and more!  Choose the gift card option and have it emailed to them or grab the actual card itself and let them pick the event they want to attend.  Learn more here.

The Home Decor Choice

The Celestial Coaster Set – Buy It Here

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Really pretty drink coasters that are basically a work of art!  They come as a must-have set of 4 and you can choose from different color options too.  Learn more here!

The Tech Choice

The Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Control & Interaction – Buy It Here

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Because streaming media is everywhere they’ll want to be.  With over 7,000 apps, games, and Alexa skills they’ll be able to stream all their favorite shows from Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Youtube, ESPN, ABC and more.  Plus, thanks to voice recognition they’ll be able to just say things like, “Play Orange is the New Black” and, guess what, it’ll play.  #Technology Learn more here!

For the Coffee Loving Couple

The ‘Good Morning’ White Ceramic Coffee Mug Set – Buy It Here

Gifts for Couples 2018: Good Morning Coffee Mugs 2024

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Because it’s important they have time for each other each and every morning.  These cute mugs are interlocking and a great way for them to start off their day. Learn more here!

The Foodies Choice

The Hello Fresh  Food Subscription Boxes – Buy It Here

Hello Fresh Review 2017: Best Selling Monthly Subscription Boxes for Men 2018


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Because couples who cook together, stay together.  Or so we heard.   We order out.  Choose from what type of food you like to eat and how often you want your food box delivered (3 days, 4 days, or 5 days).  All the ingredients show up in this perfectly packed box and stay at the perfect temperature until you’re home to store things in your refrigerator. Learn more here!

The Must-Have Choice

The Slate Blue ‘Snowe’ Duvet Sheet Set – Buy It Here

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It’s one of the most buzzed about brands online this year.  Their comforters, sheets, and duvets are some of the most comfortable ever!  This one comes with a comfy duvet cover (that actually get even cozier the more it’s used over time!), 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, 4 pillow cases, and 2 cozy pillow shams.  We love this in blue (it’s perfect for everyone), but also comes in other colors like crisp white, grey, stone, and even a pretty new blush option.  See more colors here!

For the Couple Who’s Still So in Love

The Retro 80’s Inspired ‘Love’ Tee – Buy It Here

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Because, yes, they’re still totally in love so why not get them matching t-shirts that say ‘Love’ right on them!  They also come in other color options too like blue, heather, and pink! Learn more here!

The Thoughtful Choice

The Long Distance Wi-Fi Touch Lamps – Buy It Here

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The best way to stay in touch with your significant other when you’re both some distance from each other.  Once hooked up, when they simply touch the lamp, your lamp will instantly light up so you’ll know they’re thinking of you.  When you touch your lamp, their lamp will light back up too!  Choose you own colors, patterns, and more.  Learn more here!

The Travelers Choice

The ‘Away’ Large Suitcase in Blue – Buy It Here

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Yep, this is the beautiful piece of luggage you’ve been seeing all of Facebook this year. This one is big enough for a large wardrobe, has a hard unbreakable case cover, a removable laundry bag, an interior compression system, and super easy to roll 360-degree wheels.  You’ve probably seen the cute pink option, but we’re loving this soft sky blue one even better. There are also some really nice carry-on options too.  Check them out here!

The Fragrance Choice

The Monthly Perfume/Cologne Subscription Box – Buy It Here

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Choose from over 400 major perfume and cologne brands and each month they’ll receive their new fragrances (the first month they’ll even give you a reusable travel-friendly refillable case) to test out.  A great way for both people in the couple to test out some really nice options. They’ll even give you enough of the fragrance to use about 2-3 sprays per day all month long.  Learn more here!