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21 of the Best Gifts For Your True Gay Best Friend

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You’ve got a true gay BFF and need to figure out what in the holy-hell to gift them for their birthday, Christmas, Pride Month, or just because brunch is coming up and they’re expecting something.  From over-the-top rainbow everything to fun unique gift ideas you can use and experience together, we’ve come up with a great list of gifts for the one and only gay best friend who’s your true ride-or-die.

Gifts For Gay Best Friend 2024 - Gifts For your Gay BFF Bestie

There’s nothing like having a true gay bestie.  They’re fun, they’re there for you, they’re usually one to close the bar with you, and they’re the one who will bail you out when you get arrested for refusing to leave the bar after is closes.  Whether you’re the gay bestie, the straight best friend, or refuse all sorts of labels  – one thing is for sure, it’s time to officially celebrate your gay BFF for any reason or no reason at all.

Whether your gay bestie is a woman, a man, your brother, your sister, your co-worker or whoever we’ve come up with a bunch of really fun gift ideas that’ll work for just about any of them.   Some are totally rainbow flag waving-centric and some of the other gift ideas are ones that show pride, inclusivity, support, and scream positivity.

We’ve also focused in on some perfect presents for gay men and even some gift ideas for the gay couple who has everything, so be sure to check those out too if you’re in the mood for some more gay shopping, which is like straight shopping.  Go figure!

It’s officially time to start figuring out what to get them for their birthday, Christmas, your friend-anniversary or just because they deserve it.   We hope you find something you both love and you haven’t seen everywhere else!


1. The “Yasss Queen” Candle
Here For The Burn

$36 | Here For the Burn

Let’s be honest, how often do you two yell out “yasssss queeeen” to each other or randoms on the street when just about anything happens?!  A funny gift, but one that’s fully functional and smell amazing too.  This 9-ounce soy candle has a burn time of up to 60 hours and comes in a few different amazing scents like mango guava, Moroccan amber, spices and evergreen, and musky amber and rose.  They’re also made right here in the US, so it’s always nice to support local.


2. The “Birthday Wishes” Experience Gift

$179 | Tinggly

If your gay best friend already has everything and has done everything you can never go wrong with an experience gift from Tinggly.  This one celebrates their birthday, but can really be used for any time of the year and for any reason.  For just $179, they can choose from more than 1,000 different fun and unique experiences in more than 100 different countries – so if you have that trip planned to Greece, be sure to have them bring this along too!  All the experiences are for either 1 person (if that want some self-care alone time) or for 2 people, in case your BFF wants to bring you along – and they should!

From hikes, to food experiences and water experiences to brewery tours – and everything in between – there’s basically something for any kind of gay out there.


3. The “World’s Gayest BFF” T-Shirt

$24.99 | Amazon

Just think, our of all the gays in the world, your best friend is the gayest of them all – and in all the right ways!  Celebrate them, show your pride for them, and support them in a colorful way with this “World’s Gayest BFF” t-shirt (for men or women) that comes in some fun colors like lemon yellow, baby blue, soft pink, white on white, black, purple and more.  And at under $25 for a tee you can’t really beat the price!


4. The “You. Are. Enough.” Tote Bag

$25 | Amazon

Minimalistic tote bags is where it’s at this season and this lightweight 16-inch by 16-inch tote bag comes with the reaffirming message that “you are enough.”  Newly updated, this one has classic black strap handles making it easy to carry around their stuff – from food to books and everything in between.


5. The Pride Rainbow Socks

$9 | Amazon

You may be thinking “socks, really?” but these are some of the most popular on Amazon right now, especially for the fun and cheap LGBT gift that has some cool and colorful rainbow flair.  A bit retro (in all the right ways) you can snag these in two different foot size groups (from 6 to 9 or 8 to 12).  They’re perfect for just about any day, any Pride event, or just because.

6. The Hardcover Gay Pride Journal

Daily Gay Journal

$19 | Amazon

This 182 page lined daily pride journal is the perfect gift idea for the gay bestie who wants to focus on living in the present, writing down their thoughts, ideas – you name it.  As opposed to a lot of the paperback journals, this one is a beautiful hardcover that’ll look great on their coffee table, by their bed, or wherever.  Each page ends with the positive outlook message “I Will Try Again Tomorrow.”  A must have.


7. The Fjallraven Rainbow Backpack

$90 | Zappos

Everyone loves Fjallraven and the rainbow addition to their classic blue backpack is pretty awesome.  It’s actually really lightweight, durable, and even water-resistant (within reason).  It has adjustable shoulder straps to make hauling this around as comfortable as possible, has a side pocket to hold their water bottle, and so much more,  This one also comes in some additional colors like pink, green, yellow, and classic black.


8. The Comfiest Turkish Cotton Slippers

$39 | Parachute

If your BFF loves lounging around all weekend long (er, or even during the week) they’ll love these super comfy Turkish cotton slippers.  They’re made of 100% cotton, have a rubber sole so you don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding all over the place, and come in a bunch of really nice unisex sizes and colors like stone, blush, white, mineral, and their new dusk color.  Socks and hairy legs sold separately.


9. The Rainbow Cocktail Shaker Kit

$42 | Amazon

Perfect for their birthday gift, a Christmas gift, or that special housewarming gift when they’ve changed apartments for the 11th time in 4 years (that you probably helped them move in and out of) – this chic rainbow bartending kit adds a nice metallic flair to a traditional cocktail shaker and comes with everything they need to be the ultimate bartender like two different sized shakers, strainers, muddler, bar spoon, ice tongs, liquor pourers and so much more.  In fact, this one comes as a 14 piece set.  Rainbow metallic is where it’s at!


10. The Golden Girls #SquadGoals T-Shirt
Everyday Designs

$22 | Redbubble

Whether your bestie is the Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, or Sophia of the group – you know they love all things Golden Girls,  And, truth be told, they’re probably the Blanche.  This #Squadgoals tee comes in over 18 different color options, comes in small and up to 3XL sizes for men and women, and most solid color options are made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton.  If you go with some of the other colors they may shrink up a bit when you toss them in the dryer.


11. The Tea Drops Loose Leaf Tea Gift Box
Tea Drops

$16 | Amazon

A true gay bestie will always be there to spill the tea, so why not gift them with this top selling loose leaf tea gift set from the Tea Drops company?  Coming as an 8 pack of loose leaf tea drops, all they have to do is – you guessed it – drop one in a cup of hot water and they’re all set (no tea bags required – wink!).  It’s a great way for them to try out some amazing flavors like green matcha, rose earl grey, citrus ginger, and sweet peppermint.  They all come in a really cool wooden gift box, are totally environmentally friendly, and really taste great!


12. The Heart Pocket Hug
Mix Joy

$13 | Amazon

Got yourself a pocket gay?  Well look no further because this is the official pocket hug perfect for any pocket gay.  Ok, fine – it’s not just for pocket gays at all.  Instead, it’s a cute little silver token your bestie can place in their pocket and feel around for when they need that reminder of a hug and that they’re a-ok.  The silver token says “Pocket Hug” on it and it comes attached to a card with a little friend poem on it that says:

Here is a hug you can hold in your hand / A token of love so you’ll understand /That even though now we may be apart / The very best hugs / Happen deep in our heart.”


13. The Retro “Love” Tee

$27 | Amazon

Because at the end of the day, it really is all about love, is love, is love, is love.  This fun retro-inspired tee spreads that message and reminder each and every time they wear it.  This soft and comfy t-shirt comes in sizes and colors for women or men.  Sizes start at small and go up to a 3X large.  Color choices include classic black, sharp navy blue, soft pink, clean and crisp white, and even trendy dark heather grey.  You can get them matching colors or ones that fit their personality the best.


14. The “Be the Person” Phone Case

$25 | Amazon

If you’re looking for a simple, but important message to remind them every day, check out this cute iPhone case that says, “Be the Person You Needed When You Were Younger.”  It has a whimsical rainbow across a pretty sky-blue background.  This one is available for all different versions of the iPhone, starting way back with the iPhone 7 and going to some of the most recent iPhones.


15. The Official Schitt’s Creek Monopoly Game

$41 | Amazon

Perfect for your bestie who always (and only) quotes hysterical lines from Schitt’s Creek.  This official Monopoly game is played the same way as all Monopoly games, but is Schitt’s Creek-centric with 6 new custom game pieces:  Bebe Crow, Patrick’s guitar, a Rosebud Motel key, Moira’s wig, Ted the Turtle, and David’s sunglasses.  The even renamed the Chance and Community Chest cards as “Hello You” and “Love That Journey For Me.”


16. The Pride Inclusivity Coasters (4)
Uncommon Goods

$65 | Uncommon Goods

If you’re looking for a little subtle Pride flair for their home (and coffee table!) check out these “choose your own” inclusivity coasters from Uncommon Goods.  These charming marble coasters come as a set of 4 of the specific flag representation you’re looking for and you can choose an options stand for an extra $10.  What’s really cool about these is that $5 from every order is donated to the Youth Pride, Inc organization.


17. The “Why You’re My Bestie” Book
Knock Knock

$9 | Amazon

A fun, light, and sometimes funny way to tell your best friend exactly why they’re your bestie.  It’s a fill-in-the-blank book where you actually fill in the answer to some fun questions and situations like “When we’re old lets….” and “If we could bottle your ____ we could sell it and make a fortune.”  You can be as serious or funny/vulgar as you’d like to be. It’s 112 pages in total, so you can fill it out by yourself or with your gay best friend to make it more fun.


18. The Rainbow Bath Bomb Gift Set (6-Pack)

$20 | Amazon

Who doesn’t love a soothing and relaxing spa day at home, especially when you include some calming bath bombs.  These cloud shaped bath bombs (with cute faces) will create magical rainbow colors in your tub once they start to fizz.  Made of shea butter and coconut oil they’ll also leave your skin feeling fresh, moisturized, and totally pampered.  Time to take a gay tubby!


19. The Queer Agenda Party Game

$25 | Amazon

Game night just got a whole lot gayer with the official “Queer Agenda” party game that’s really queer AF.  You can play with anywhere from 4 – 10 people and it comes with more than 40o fun cards.  It’s kind of like Cards Against Humanity but, you know, gay and stuff. LGBTQIA+ approved, everyone will have a blast playing and will be crying tears of laughter – which is a nice change of pace.


20. The Pride Mystery Succulent Garden
Lula’s Garden

$30 | Lula Garden

Just about everyone can keep a succulent alive, so you can’t go wrong with this one from Lula’s Garden.  They’re called the “mystery” garden because they won’t know which succulent they’re getting until it arrives.  Each succulent arrives in a really cute “LOVE” planter box that they can proudly display on their mantle, coffee table, end table – you name it.  It even comes with a water dropper making it virtually fool proof to take care of your plant.


21. The “Bestie” Tee

$25 | Amazon

A colorful way to let them know they’re your bestie and vice-versa.  Snag them their own tee or grab one for yourself and wear them together when you’re out for brunch or just being your goofy and funny selves.  We love the classic white tee, but you can also get it in more than 8 delicious colors to choose from.  If you’re over t-shirts, you can also get this one as a tank top (here) or even a comfy sweatshirt (here).