Ellen DeGeneres Sends the Jersey Shore Cast to Hell

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One of Ellen’s favorite games (no, her other favorite game) “Know or Go” got a little extra grease in it’s levers when Snooki, Grandpa Situation, and Pauly D stopped by for a visit on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  To my complete surprise, Pauly D was actually pretty smart.  Well, I don’t know if “smart” is the word, but compared to Snooki and Grandpa Sitch he was tanning scientist.  Grandpa Sitch was middle of the road and Snooki, well, Snooki should legit be forced to repeat the 4th grade which, coincidentally she is the appropriate height for.  Snooki was on quite the roll when she had to name the original 12 colonies but things suddenly took a sharp right turn.