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Faux-Breaking News: DJ Pauly D and Farrah (from Teen Mom) Not Together.

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See what I did there?  You know, the baggage?  Yeah?  You with me?  I made Pauly D pull Farrah’s baggage?  Right?  Good, right?  Ok, well not the worst I’ve done.  Anywax, rumors spread like the wild-fire between Lindsay Lohan’s crotchtastic legs late last week that Jersey Shore’s Pauly D and Teen Mom’s Farrah were now dating.  Apparently they met up at a bar in Houston, TX and have been together ever since.  Well, rest easy Boardwalk because Pauly D has come fresh clean and confessed that he’s never even been to Houston, TX (surprise), but he does think that Farrah is hot.  So, well, maybe one day Pauly D can go meet Farrah and her loving mom and while her mom is beating the bag out of Farrah, Pauly D can just beat the beat.  Makes sense to me.