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What do you do when your fist pump suffers from frostbite?  Well, you pack up your tubs of gel, stash your Nads and tweezers in your duffel bag, and ship two cases of AquaNet to Miami because, according to reports, that’s where season 2 of Jersey Shore is going to be located.  The thought of Snooki’s “freakin’ poof” getting all frizzy in the Miami heat, well, it’s just enough for me to tune in.

After it was reported early last week that MTV producers were sending out production approval letters to local Miami bars and lounges, it is now being 99.98% confirmed that Snooki, Grandpa Sitch, Pauly D/Ellen Travolta, JWoww ShamWow, Sammi SweatStains, Ronnie the Stump, and Vinny will be shooting season 2 at a renovated beach house on Lincoln Road in South Beach, which is the street directly behind Ocean Drive.

I’m psyched, but only for the reason that is means they can start shooting the new season soon, which means that we’ll see it sooner than we would have had we waited for the weather to get good in the Jersey Shore.  I was kinda hoping that if they were moving locations they would have put the Douche-Bag Brigade up against an affluent community, which Miami definitely is not.  Have you been?  It’s pretty much like the Jersey Shore, but with things painted pink, light blue, light yellow, and light green.  Oh, and you can walk around with alcohol so that only increases the chances that JWoww ShamWow will be fist fighting directly outside and/or on the actual beach.

Bring on Jersey Vice!

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