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Remember That Episode of Punky Brewster When Punky Went to Live With that Rich Family?

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Well now this IS bazaar and bizarre all wrapped up and held together with the elastic band from tanning goggles.   Snooki, JWoww ShamWow, and Sami SweatStains all became elegant “ladies” for a photoshoot with Harper’s Bazaar magazine.  Uh, maybe Nell Harper’s.

The pigs in heat all got etiquette lessons from Lizzie Post and put on very expensive gowns that were, more than likely, smeared with bronzer by the time they took them off.  Luckily for the second part of the photoshoot, JWoww’s  rack came out to play.  All the “ladies” even had to place books on their heads and try to walk around the room.  This one was probably the easiest as AquaNet typically acts as an adhesive when the temperature hits 68.7 degrees.

However, the most revealing piece of information from this article is when Snooki talks about selling her version of the Bumpit called the “Snookit.”  In regards to her freakin’ poof Snook’s said, “It was a teen Guidette thing, and when everyone grew out of it, I just kept it.”

Do me a favor, everyone, take those books off from your head and open them up.  JWoww, grab an extra book to keep your rack occupied whilst you’re sounding out your words.