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Snooki Finally Showing Us How She Protects Her Face from Punches

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Wanna try and punch Snooki in the face again?  Well good luck getting through two layers of tan and Real Housewives of Orange County inspired fingernails.  Oh that’s right, Snooki is putting up quite the defense this season.  I also like how Snooks is being proactive in regards to her red highlights she’s added to her hair.  I mean, when cameras start to roll and fists start to fly it just makes it that much easier to camouflage the blood that will be splattered all over her.  Good looking out, Snooki, good looking out.

Snooki, Grandpa Sitch, Sammi SweatStains, Pauly D/Ellen Travolta, and Ronnie No Nickname, were all walking up Ocean Drive over the weekend with their camera crew behind them capturing every riveting move.  The D-Bag Brigade have been having a hard time filming at “da clubs” in Miami as they are frequently being turned away.  Big deal.  You can drink on the street in Miami and it just increases the chances of a drunken outdoor street fight.  I say forget “da club” all together and just grab a 30 pack and a couple of metal folding chairs.

Check out more photos of “da gang” in action.

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