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Bananas is the New Blind Bag Collectible Toy That Smells Just Like the Real Thing

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If your kiddos are obsessed with unboxings and blind bags, well, ‘Bananas’ is their total next obsession.

Where to Buy Cepia Bananas Crushies Collectible Toy 2024 - Banana Smell Toy

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Bananas may just be the cutest collectible toy we’ve seen in quite some time.  First off, they come in a ‘bunch’ of 3 (just like the real thing) and they’re each scented to smell just like real bananas.  Spoiler Alert:  They do!  Here’s everything we know about these little gems!

What Exactly are Bananas?

These are the new collectible toys where you’ll peel back each banana to reveal surprises inside.  What exactly you’ll get is part of the super fun mystery.  Did we mention that each one is scented to smell like the real thing?  Once inside you’ll find an exclusive squeezable collectible character, gemstone stickers, special Crushies and more.  In the first series there are over 24 Crushies to collect.  Some are rare, some are ultra rare, and some are limited edition.  Which will you get!?

Crushies 2024

You can use the hanging vines to display what you’ve collected (it’s fun to show off) or you can just clip them to your bag or backpack.  It’s fun to trade with your friends too and a great way to complete your collection.  They’re starting with ‘smell-able’ bananas and there are rumors that additional fruit will be added soon.  So exciting!

What’s the Price?

This is probably one of our favorite parts.  The price.  You can grab an official bunch for under $10.  That’s right, that suggested retail price is just $9.99 for a 3-pack!

Which are Rare and Which are Ultra Rare?

The rare collectibles are:

  • Princess Pi
  • Pipo Panda
  • Andrew Monkey
  • Lucy Leopard

The ultra rare are:

  • Gail Giraffe
  • More coming soon!
The Bananas Collectibles – Buy It Here

Where to Buy Cepia Bananas Crushies Collectible Toy 2024 - Banana Smell Toy

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