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Ryan’s World ‘Giant Mystery Egg’ is What Your Kids are Talking To You About

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…but wait, there’s more!  Ryan’s World is, not only, selling a giant mystery egg, but mystery putty, and a new mystery blind bag too!  Good luck getting your hands on these right now!  But we’ll help you get them before the upcoming holiday season.  Here’s how.


In Stock at eBay

If it’s one thing your kiddos have been incessantly talking to you about and watching all the-live-long-day on Youtube it’s Ryan from Ryan ToysReview.  This cute little 6 year old boy reviews some of his favorite toys on his very own Youtube channel(s) and while that may not seem like a big deal, did you know he brings in over $11 million per year just on ads from his videos alone?  Let’s let that sink in for a second.  $11 million dollars.  Good for him!  What happens when he turns 10?!

Everyone is super pumped about his new toy line that’s coming out called ‘Ryan’s World.’  Some will be available in a bunch of different retailers (and online) and some are exclusive just to Walmart.  So smart that Walmart!  Here’s everything we know about the three most popular toys that are being released by Ryan.

What are the Exclusive Ryan’s World Toys Going to Be?

Since Ryan has basically become famous (and most likely will eventually end up on Junior Dancing With the Stars one day) from his unboxing magic, the biggest toys will fall into that category.  Right now there are three that are slated to be the most popular:

  1. Ryan’s World Giant Mystery Egg – Buy Now & Stock Status
  2. Ryan’s World Mystery Putty – Buy Now & Stock Status
  3. Ryan’s World Mystery Blind Bag Figures – Buy Now & Stock Status

When is the Official Release Date?

From what we’re hearing, Walmart will exclusively be releasing Ryan’s World to the public (both in-store and online) on August 6, 2018.  Here’s the thing, many of these are out of stock already and, well, we’re already nervous about the upcoming holiday shopping season. If you feel desperate, you can always check here on eBay. From what we’re seeing they are in stock, but you’ll likely pay a bit extra.  Just be sure to buy from someone with a high rating!

Ryan’s World Giant Mystery Egg – Buy It Here

Ryan's World Giant Mystery Egg 2018 - Where to Buy Online

Buy Now

Check on eBay

We love a mystery, especially an egg mystery.  Yes, that’s a thing.  For a suggested retail price of $50, your kiddo will be so surprised at what’s inside!  What we know for sure is that it’ll include 8 different items like slime/putty, little cars and other vehicles, collectible figurines and more!

Ryan’s World Mystery Putty/Slime – Buy It Here

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Putty is where it’s at!  Some call it putty and some call it slime, but either way it’s super fun for everyone.  It’s supposed to be non-sticky so it won’t leave a mess everywhere like all that other slime does.  Plus, this one comes in so many cool and vibrant colors and, yes, some even glittery, sparkle, and shine!  These should go for around $5.00.  Not bad!

Ryan’s World Mystery Blind Bag Figures – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Who doesn’t love a blind mystery bag!?  It’s really the new mystery egg, folks!  Inside the blind bag will be surprise collectible figurines and the mystery is discovering just who you’ll get.  It could be things like pirates or frogs, aliens, or pandas, or even cool super heroes! These will run you around $5.00.