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The 21 Best Tweets Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom Ever Tweeted (Hi Kesha!)

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Welcome to what I assume is the IBBB Teen Mom time machine! Jenelle is one of our favorite Teen Moms and, well, we know she’s yours too.  Love her or anti-love her, we can’t get enough of when she spews out on Twitter on the regular.  But Twitter’s been around for what we only assume is tens of thousands of years and, well, it’s impossible to go back and read everything she’s ever Tweeted.  Um, but we did.  Yep, we’re that kind of loser.  So sit back, relax, tag your friends on Facebook (please!), and re-read some of the best Jenelle Tweets over the last 250 years (give or a take a hundred).

1.  The one where she’s always faithful to Kesha  #NeverForget

2.  The one where we remember there was once such a thing as “Gary” and “Keiffah!”

3.  The one where she was clearly high-fashion

4.  The one with the stalking

5.  The one where her social media was lit

6.  The one that just ‘may’ be the best Tweet of all time

7.  The one where she turned on Tori

8.  The one where the Universe was like, “LoL you do you, boo”

9.  The one where Barb was technologically savvy AF

10.  The one where everyone in the whole entire world demands the receipts

11.  The one where we first heard about “the land”

12.  The one where Barb in an Uber = Life

13.  The one with the daily check-in

14.  The one where the DMV took it on the chin

15.  The one that we’re pretty sure was referring to us

16.  The one where hate-chicken was involved

17.  The one with all the fame

18.  The one with the chic dinnerware

19.  The one with the facts

20.  The one where Amber caught some

21.  The one where Kim must have been like, “New Twitter, who dis?”