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9 True Best Friends Shirts for the Real BFF in Your Life

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You and your best friend have been through it all and, well, that’s why they’re your total BFF.  Shop some cool shirts for best friends only they would appreciate.

Best Friend Shirts 2024 - Funny Matching BFF T-Shirt Ideas

What can you really say about your best friend that hasn’t already been said or, you know, the courts will allow you to say publicly? They’ve been there for the good times and the bad times.  They’ve most likely bailed you out of jail once or twice.  They know your deepest darkest secrets and they still want to be friends with you.  Plus, it’s really like you two are the only normal ones and everyone else is just, well, crazy.  Am I right?  There are a ton of really cool shirts for BFFs out there and we combed through the depth of the internet to find the ones we think you’ll love the best.  From funny to punny and everything in between (including matching best friend shirts!) check out some great ideas for best friend shirts (so far) in 2024.

For the Foodie BFF:  The ‘Best Friends’ Pizza & Fries Shirt in White – Buy It Here

Funny Best Friends Shirt 2018: Pizza & French Fries Graphic T-Shirt for BFF 2024

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Because you both go together like pizza and fries, meaning, always perfect and always right!

For the Matching Shirt Friends:  The ‘Best Friends’ (Pizza & Fries) T-Shirts – Buy the Fries / Buy the Pizza

BFF Matching Shirt 2018: Pizza & Fries Best Friend Tee

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Because sometimes you and your BFF intentionally want to match.  Get the above t-shirts to match your friend.  Feel free to fight over who gets to be the French fries and who gets to be the pizza slice.  We’d be pizza all day.

For the Punny BFF:  The ‘Best Friends Pho-Ever’ Shirt in Heather Blue – Buy It Here

Funny Best Friend Shirts 2018: Best Friend Pho-Ever Pun Tee

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Because they love puns just as much as you do.

For the Legit BFF:  The ‘Real Friends’ Fist Bump T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Funny Best Friend Shirts 2018: Real Friends Fist Bump Tee

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Because in a world of fake news the one true thing you can count on is your real friend.

For the BFF Shoutout:  The ‘My Best Friend’ Pointed Arrow Shirt in Black – Buy It Here

Funny Best Friend Shirts 2018: My Best Friend Pointing Arrow T-Shirt

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Because you’ll point to them if they’ll point to you.  I mean, they better point to you!

For the Other Half Best Friend:  The ‘Half Heart’ BFF Shirt – Buy It Here

Funny Best Friend Shirts 2018: Half Best Friends Heart Tshirt

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Because they really are the other half of your heart.  Each of you can get the one shirt that completes the other!

For the Literal BFF:  The ‘My Best Friend Gave Me This Shirt’ T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Funny Best Friend Shirts 2018: My Best Friend Game Me This Shirt Tee

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Because you both also like lame jokes and lame shirts.  We just happen to think this lame shirt is actually the best.

For the Short BFF:  The ‘Short Best Friend’ Tee in Navy Blue – Buy It Here

Funny Best Friend Shirts 2018: The Short Friend T-Shirt

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Because you may be the tall friend or the short friend.  Match ’em and go!

For the Best Friend Who Totally Gets You:  The ‘We are Friends Because Everyone Else Sucks’ Baseball Tee – Buy It Here

Funny Best Friend Shirts 2018: We Are Friends

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Because truer BFF words have never been spoken!