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11 L.O.L. Surprise Gift Ideas For Your Own Little LOL Cutie

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They’re totally obsessed with all things “LOL Surprise” and basically already have everything, but here are some really cool gift ideas for the major LOL fan in your life.

Best LOL Surprise Gifts 2024 - Birthday & Christmas Gift Ideas for LOL Fans 2024

L.O.L is still going so strong this year and it seems like we can’t escape it.  You know what?  We’re ok with that.  Your kiddos are typically letting you know (each and every day) their latest LOL requests, so what are you supposed to gift them if they already have just about everything that’s come out?

That’s where we come in. Whether you’re looking for Christmas ideas or just birthday ideas (or whenever) we got you covered.  From toys and games to bedroom decor and crafts, check out some of the coolest LOL Surprise gift ideas (so far) in 2024.

The LOL Surprise Glam Glitter Series – Buy It Here


LOL Surprise Gifts 2024: Glitter Series 2024

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This one includes 7  amazing surprises like a secret message sticker and accessories like a water bottle, shoes, and outfit and so much more.  Plus it comes with a cute glitter doll!

The Ultimate Craft Kit – Buy It Here

LOL Surprise Gifts 2024: DIY Paper Dolls

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Who doesn’t love some fun crafts?!  With this one you can make paper dolls, scratch art, and more!  Plus, it comes with sticker books, coloring pages, crayons, and so much more.

The Official LOL Doll House – Buy It Here

LOL Surprise Gifts 2024: The LOL Doll House 2024

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It’s made of real wood (not that plastic junk like with some others) and even has more than 85 different amazing surprises! Even better, if even comes with an exclusive doll.  They’ll love playing in this super cute (and tall) house for hours on end.

The LOL Monopoly Game – Buy It Here

LOL Surprise Gifts 2024: L.O.L. Monopoly Game 2024

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It may be a Monopoly game, but it’s still filled with all kinds of blind bag goodies, surprises, and so much more!

The Folding Kick Scooter in Blue & Pink – Buy It Here

LOL Surprise Gifts 2024: Scooter 2024

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Now they can buzz all over town in their very own two-wheel scooter!  It folds up for easy storage and is the perfect size to toss in the car and take to the park, the beach, and more.

The LOL Kids Bedding Set – Buy It Here

LOL Surprise Gifts 2024: Bedding & Sheet Set 2024

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Now they’ll be ready to have the sweetest dreams ever.  This official bedding comes with 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases.  Plus, it’s also wrinkle resistant so what’s better than that!?  Choose from twin size or full size and color options like blue or pink.

The Storage Toy Chest – Buy It Here

LOL Surprise Gifts 2024: Toy Storage Box 2024

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This is the best way to store all their favorite LOL dolls, accessories, and more.  It’s made of plastic so it’s easy to clean and the lid comes right off, making it really safe too.  Plus, it just looks so cute and will look perfect in their room!

The “Color Your Own Water Bottle”  – Buy It Here

LOL Surprise Gifts 2024: Water Bottle 2024

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It’s a super fun little coloring project and a great way to get them to drink more water on the regular!

The Bubbly Surprise – Buy It Here

LOL Surprise Gifts 2024: Bubbly Surprise 2024

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It’s a fizzy good time!  This set comes with 7 surprises in total, including one exclusive doll.  Get ready for some bath time fun!

The Pop Up Store Doll Case  – Buy It Here

LOL Surprise Gifts 2024: Pop Up Store Case 2024

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Proudly display almost all your dolls!  This one will hold at least 55 of your favorites and can be used as a carrying case too!

The Inflatable River Race Water Slide – Buy It Here

LOL Surprise Gifts 2024: Inflatable Water Slide 2024

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So this will officially make you the best parent ever.  Imagine having this water slide in your backyard?!  It’s not as expensive as you’d think.  Do it!