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The ‘Friends’ Classic Moments Funko Pop Figurines are Here!

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We couldn’t love ‘Friends’ any more than we actually do.  Could we be a bigger fan?  See what we did there?

Friends Funko Pop Classic Episode Moments from TV 2018 - Where to Buy & Pre Order

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It’s like the Santa Claus of the Funko Pop world has officially answered all of our prayers and our Christmas letters.  You see, they’ve finally come out with the collectible figurines that we really want.  Yes, we’re talking some of the most classic, iconic, and popular scenes from the TV show ‘Friends.’  And, better, yet, you can pre order them right now because they’re selling out fast!

There are a bunch to choose from, but some of our favorites include Monica with the braids she got when vacationing in Barbados.  It’s the humidity!  And, of course, when Joey wore all of Chandler’s clothes (all at the same time) and was going commando.  Could he be wearing any more of Chandler’s clothes?!  Plus, there’s 80’s Ross (along with his mustache) paying homage to Mr Kotter from Welcome Back Kotter.  And don’t forget 80’s Chandler with his awesome Flock of Seagulls hairdo.  Here’s where you can buy some of your favorites right now!

The official release date on Amazon is September 12, 2018.  Here’s how you can pre-order some of your favorites.

1.  Monica ‘with Braids in Barcados’ Funko Pop – Buy It Here

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2.  Joey Funko Pop Wearing All Chandler’s Clothes – Buy It Here
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3.  80’s Ross Funko Pop – Buy It Here
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4.  80’s Chandler Funko Pop with Flock of Seagulls Hair – Buy It Here
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5.  Phoebe Buffay Superman Funko Pop – Buy It Here
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6.  Rachel Green as the Central Perk Waitress with ‘The Rachel’ Hairdo – Buy It Here

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