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The 8 Best Shirts to Show Your 4th of July Love for America

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Because, uh, ‘merica!

4th of July Shirts 2024 - Funny Patriotic America Flag, Red White Blue T-Shirt

How awesome is the 4th of July?  Imagine if we celebrated in the winter?  That would suck.  What doesn’t suck is all the great things that symbolize America’s most patriotic day of the year (beside Amazon Prime Day because, well, sales).  The Fourth of July is really that one perfect day in the summer where family and friends come together to bbq, get drunk during the day and, you know, light up some fireworks and pray to God you don’t make it onto the 11:00 news.  Whether you’re looking to show your pride for this wonderful country with a cool looking flag, a hat-tip to Abe Lincoln, or some funny and inspirational patriotic words, we’ve chosen some of the best 4th of July shirts for men, women and (some) kids in 2024.

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The Best 4th of July Shirt for 2024:  The ‘Merica’ T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Funny Patriotic American T-Shirts 2018: 'Merica July 4th Shirt

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Because at the end of the day it’s all about ‘merica!  Enjoy this tee in a bunch of different colors, but the white really makes the red and blue pop, especially with those aviator sunglasses!

The USA is BAE Tee – Buy It Here

4th of July T Shirt 2024: USA is BAE

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Because it doesn’t matter if you have a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a husband, or a wife.  USA will always be bae, especially for 4th of July!

The Presidential BFF Tee – Buy It Here

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Gotta love a BFF tee.  This one has some of the faves (or least faves depending on which way you look) like Adams, Hamilton, Lincoln, and Washington.  Happy Fourth!

The ‘Merica Since 1776 V-Neck Tee – Buy It Here
Merica Since 1776 Tee

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The Vintage-Inspired ‘American Flag’ Shirt with States Listed Out – Buy It Here

Funny Patriotic American T-Shirts 2018: American Flag with States Shirt for Fourth of July

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Because we truly are the United States of America.  All the states are slickly listed out in this vintage-looking American flag tee.

The ‘Kiss Me I’m American’ 4th of July Inspired Shirt – Buy It Here

Funny 'Kiss Me I'm American' Fourth of July Shirt for Men & Women 2018 - 2024

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Because it’s time to get your flirt-on this 4th of July!  We’ve all sported the “Kiss Me I’m Irish” shirt on St. Patrick’s Day (even though we’re not Irish) so why not sport the “Kiss Me I’m American” t-shirt this summer?!  You’re welcome.  America!

The USA is BAE Neon Pink Tank Top – Buy It Here

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The Funny Abraham Lincoln ‘Merica 4th of July Shirt in Blue – Buy It Here

4th of July Shirts 2018: Funny Lincoln 'Merica Shirt

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Because Abe was honest and, well, pretty kick-ass.  Thanks Abe for all you’ve done.  In return we add you to our currency and the front of our t-shirts.

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