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The New Plumber Pants Game is Super Fun But, As Always, Crack is Wack

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Your kids potty humor is brought to a whole new level with the funny Plumber Pants game by Hasbro.  Here’s how it works.

Where to Buy Plumber Pants Game Hasbro 2024 - Release Date Pre Order & Price

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Everyone loves a plumber, but could totally skip having to see that traditional plumbers crack.  Well in this new game, your handy-dandy plumber has come over to fix the sink and your kiddos need to try their best to pull some pranks on him.  First, each kid will need to slyly steal a colorful tool from his tool box when he’s busy working.   One by one they’ll have to try and attach a tool to his tool-belt, all while seeing a sneak peak of his white boxers with cute little red hearts on them.  Adorable or creepy?  You decide!

Now here’s the catch (or the best part of the prank we think!), if you end up being the one that attaches a tool to his belt and his pants end up falling down, well, look out of the way because you’ll be sprayed with some water from the sink!  You’re then eliminated and then the next player goes.  The game continues until there is just one, dry, player left.  They’re the winner!  Although who doesn’t want to get sprayed with some water!?

When Will Plumber Pants Be Released?

You’ll have to wait a bit longer for this one.  According to the folks at Hasbro, they’ll officially release the game in the Fall of 2024.  Most likely it’ll be ready for pre-order by August or May 2024, but come back here often because we’ll be updating as more details become available.

What’s the Price?

This one isn’t too bad.  The suggested retail price is currently $19.99 and will be able to be purchased online at some of your favorite retailers like Amazon, Target, or Walmart.

The New Plumber Pants Game by Hasbro – Buy Now

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