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The New LOL Surprise #HairGoals Series 2 Makeover Dolls are Total #DollGoals

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It’s officially time for the next wave of HairGoals!  That’s right, the new LOL Surprise #HairGoals Series 2 is here and, well, it’s officially the most wonderful time of the year.

Where to Buy LOL Surprise HairGoals Wave 2 Series 2 2024 - Pre order, Release Date, Price

Buy Now [ UPDATE: May ] We’ve updated this original HairGoals article with new information on Series 2 that’s being released.

Your kiddos are still obsessed with all things LOL so they’re going to cry tears of glittery joy when they get their hands on the Wave 2 makeover series #HairGoals doll. It’s already named one of the hot toys this season!  It’ll be a bitter fight to the end to get your hands on one (or more) of these this Christmas season, but we’re here to help you find them, locate them, and get them at a decent price.  Here’s what we know so far.

What’s the HairGoals Makeover Series 2 All About?

As if you have to ask!  Per usual, these little dolls are a total surprise (you never know who you’ll get) but, even better, they come with real hair!  Ok, not real hair, but real doll hair.  This makes them perfect to brush, comb, style, or have a little brother or sister use their Crayola arts-n-crafts scissors to cut all their hair off and cause a major problem for everyone in the house.  Also…

  • Each one of these dolls comes with 15 different surprises!
  • They live in a really cute hairspray can capsule that opens up into a display case, a hair salon chair, a doll stand, and even a cute purse to carry around.
  • Once you bathe or feed your surprise doll you’ll find some really cool water surprises.  See?  Taking a bath pays off!
  • There are 10 different character dolls in total.  8 of them have real doll hair and 2 of them are the highly coveted ‘rare’ and ‘ultra rare’ dolls!

Which HairGoals Dolls are In Series 2?

There are 10 different super cute dolls (including a boy doll!) in Wave 2.  Here’s the checklist:

  • Metal Babe
  • Twang
  • Prom Princess
  • Tough Guy (the first boy doll!)
  • MC NYC
  • Valley BB
  • Splits
  • Pins
  • E.D M.B.B. (rare doll)
  • Rainbow Raver (ultra rare doll)

All the Dolls from LOL HairGoals Wave 2 2024

What are the 15 Surprises?

Let your kiddos discover the surprises for themselves, but incase you’re wondering the surprises include: 1 new wave 2 doll, a mystery disguise, a magic mirror, a secret message to decode, hair barrette stickers, hair curlers, a salon chair, a comb, a bottle, an outfit, shoes, and fashion accessories!

When is the Release Date?

We’re being told that Wave 2 is officially being released online and in retail stores on July 15, 2019.  It’ll be the best summer ever!

Can You Pre-Order Them?

Yes.  Amazon officially has it (woo-hoo!). So check it out here and grab yours while you still can!

What’s the Cost?

Like with the original, Wave 2/Series 2 has a suggested retail price of $14.99.  If you’re in a bind and can’t find them anywhere, you can always check eBay right here.  You’ll likely pay more, but at least you’ll get it.

The New L.O.L Surprise #HairGoals Series 2 – Buy It Here

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The Original (Series 1) LOL HairGoals – Buy It Here

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