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The LOL Surprise OMG Styling Head is Both Creepy AND Cool!

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She’s way cooler than that old-timey Barbie Styling Head.  That’s right, we’re talking about the latest LOL Surprise OMG Styling Head with surprises inside!

LOL Surprise Styling Head 2024 - Neonlicious & Royal Bee on Amazon, Where to Buy Cheap

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We never totally understood styling heads because they typically end up looking like over-processed street walkers but, hey, apparently that’s the fun of it all!  This time around the folks at LOL have come up with four different styling heads to choose from where your kiddos can style their hair, add and remove makeup, and so much more.  Good luck with getting the hair to grow back after your kid thinks they should cut it all off.  #Memories

What’s the LOL Surprise Styling Head All About?!

Unlike its competitors, the new LOL Styling Heads come with a ton of stuff your kiddos are going to go crazy over.  In fact, each one comes with 30 different surprises to unbox!  The majority of the major surprises is clip-on-hair-related, but do you really even need much more than that?!  Inside the really uniquely packaged head, you’ll find things like:

  • 14 different really amazing hair pieces to clip on and totally style.
  • Must-have accessories to get things totally glam like barrettes, hair bands, earrings, headband, necklace, and more.

When you rub ice over her face (yes, it’s a thing) it’ll reveal amazing color-changing makeup!  Enjoy that new and fresh look until you want to go back to her original look by using a warm cloth across her face to reveal that look.  Awesome!

Overall there are two different doll heads to collect:

  • Royal Bee
  • Neonlicious

Rumor has it that additional LOL heads will be available when Series 2 comes out!

What’s the Price Going to Set You Back?

Ok so these are a bit pricier than the regular LOL dolls you’re used to, but it’s not that bad.  The suggested retail price is $34.99.

When’s the Official Release Date?

You’re in luck because these will be available just about everywhere on January 1st.  Check the pre-order status here!

The LOL Surprise “Outrageous Millenial Girls” Styling Head – Buy It Here

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Royal Bee Styling Head With Stick-On Hair – Buy It Here

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