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Work the Look: 12 Best Dress Shirts (Slim to Trim) This Season

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New Spring Summer Dress Shirts for Work 2024 - Casual to Formal Button Downs

Best Selling Dress Shirts

It’s tough being an adult (amiright?!).  We always have to go to work and, you know, ‘adult’ and stuff.  While deep down we still have the maturity level of a high-schooler, on the outside we need to look and dress the part of an adult.  It’s just a price we all have to pay.  If we’re being forced to wear a dress shirt for whatever reason (work, a wedding, an important meeting, or for fun) we want to make sure we still look good in it.  Big and blousy  button down shirts are a thing of the past.  Now it’s all about the fit.  If you can’t pull off the fully slim look, give the ‘trim fit’ cut a shot and you’ll be turning heads before lunch.

There are also some great options out there outside of the standard white ones.  From light blue and classic gingham to spring pink and embroidered prints, check out our picks for some of the coolest dress shirts for men in 2024.

1. Best Spring-into-Summer Dress Shirt of 2024:  Bonobos Slim Fit Floral in Light Blue – Buy It Here

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Bonobos is not only one of our favorites because of their near-perfect fit for your body type, but they slightly roll the dice to help get you out of your comfort zone and make a bit more of a statement.  This blue floral print is perfect for the spring/summer and goes well any day of your week, but especially a Friday.

2.  The Nordstrom Men’s Shop ‘Traditional’ Solid White – Buy It Here

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Let’s face it, you totally need a new crisp white shirt from time to time.  If you have one already, trust us, get another one.  This one is more of a traditional fit (read: not too tight!), looks great, is priced perfectly so you won’t go broke trying to upgrade your wardrobe, and comes in other colors like blue, light purple, light pink, and more.  See more color options here!

3.  The Trim Fit Classic Blue Gingham Check – Buy It Here

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Not only can you never go wrong with a gingham print, but this one will save you a ton of time because it’s a wrinkle-free non-iron option.  What’s better than that? Oh, it’s currently priced less than $50!  Of course blue is our favorite, but it also comes in black, grey, pink, purple, and more.  See more color options here!

4.  The Bonobos Wrinkle Free Slim-Fit White Dress Shirt With Navy Blue Dots – Buy It Here

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This is our go-to when you want to have a little fun in the office, but not too much fun in the office!  It can be worn with or without a tie and, our favorite, with or without a blazer.

5.  The Canali Regular Fit in Light Blue Subtle Print – Buy It Here

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This is more of an upscale editor’s pick for the perfect designer shirt when you’ve got that major meeting or, you know, wedding you’re being dragged to this season.  It has more of a regular fit so it’ll suit just about any body type and last you a long time.  Time to class it up, right?

6.  The John Varvatos Slim Fit Plaid Window-Pain Pattern in Plum – Buy It Here

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If you’re looking to test the waters in the purple-family, but don’t want to go full-on purple, this is a great option to try.  It’ll give a nice pop of color to your navy or black dress pants, and even has a bit of stretch to the fabric to it’ll move with your day and feel pretty comfortable until you’re ready to head home and jump into your sweats.

7.  The Ted Baker London ‘Pander’ Floral in Blue – Buy It Here

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We love this option when you want to go the floral route at work, but don’t want to look like you’re sporting a Hawaiian shirt like a tourist.

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– More Casual and, Well, Slightly Cheap in Price – 

8.  The Everlane Classic Blue/White Stripe Button Down – Buy It Here

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9.  The Classic Slim Fit Chambray in Light Blue – Buy It Here

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10.  The Standard White Linen by Everlane for Men – Buy It Here

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11.  The Air Oxford in Sky Blue – Buy It Here

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12.  The Blue & White Pinstripe Spring-Int0-Summer Linen – Buy It Here

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Best Dress Shirts for Men 2024 - Slim Trim Fit Men's Formal Shirt