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Graphic Tees: 16 Funny T-Shirts That Men Will Be Sporting This Year

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Get ready to show off those arms and get some laughs, from these funny men’s graphic t-shirts of course! Your arms are fine.

Funny Graphic T-Shirts for Men 2018 - Mens Stylish Short Sleeve Tees 2024

As if we couldn’t love summer any more than we do, these snappy graphic tees just walked into our lives and we can’t get enough of them.  Personally, we love this kind of t-shirt because it really makes a statement and, well, has people think we’re a bit funnier than we actually are.  Plus, who doesn’t love an easy ice-breaker when you’re trying to spark up a conversation with someone you don’t really know (hello people we don’t know on our daily run!).

You can always sport these tees with your favorite pair of jeans, casual chinos and, of course, shorts.  We typically also sleep in ours and wear them to the gym because we’re that kind of dumpster fire.  We don’t judge.  If you’re ready to update your t-shirt collection this season because, well, your old ones are getting a little too dingy, then check out our picks for some of the coolest graphic t-shirts for men (so far) in 2024.

The Childhood Memory Tee:  Bob Ross from PBS T-Shirt for Men – Buy Now

Funny Men's Graphic T-Shirts 2018: Bob Ross Tee

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Because who doesn’t love all things Bob Ross?!  This t-shirt comes in sky blue, features the giant head of PBS painter Bob Ross, and makes us content because we’re thinking of his happy little trees all over the place.

The Zinger Tee:  ‘Don’t Be a Prick’ Men’s T-Shirt – Buy Now

Funny Men's Graphic T-Shirts 2018: Hedgehog Tee

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BOOM!  That cute little hedgehog certainly just told you!  This tee comes in cream and is made from ultra-soft cotton.  Take that comfort!

The Love/Hate Runner Shirt:  The ‘I Love Running/I Hate Running’ Tee – Buy It Here

Funny Shirts for Men 2018: I Love Running I Hate Running Tee

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Because you totally love running, but at the same time, you totally hate running.  This t-shirt will get a few smiles and head turns as you run that path every other day (or, let’s face it, once a week).

The Drinking T-Shirt:  ‘Liquid Brunch’ Tee in Navy Blue – Buy It Here

Funny Liquid Brunch Tee for Men 2018

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Because, let’s face it, the best part of brunch is the drinks.  Whether you go for the classic mimosa, the Bloody Mary, or you just crush beers, this is the tee for you.  Pick up one for your brunching buddies too!  Check it out in black, white, grey, and more.

The Patriotic Shirt:  The ‘Merica’ T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Funny Patriotic American T-Shirts 2018: 'Merica July 4th Shirt

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Because at the end of the day it’s all about ‘merica!  Enjoy this tee in a bunch of different colors, but the white really makes the red and blue pop, especially with those aviator sunglasses!

The Calming Tee:  ‘Zen AF’ T-Shirt in Grass Green – Buy Now

Because who doesn’t need a daily reminder to stay zen?  We love, love, love this grass green t-shirt, but it also comes in some other cool options like light blue, white, and grey, and light pink.

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The Retro Tee:  ‘Don’t Trip’ 70’s Inspired T-Shirt for Guy – Buy Now

Funny Men's Graphic T-Shirts 2018: Don't Trip Tee

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Innuendos all over the place!  Go back to your tripy place with this ‘Don’t Trip’ subtle tie-dye t-shirt in grey and blue hues.

Up to 50% Off

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Who doesn't love graphic t-shirts from Urban Outfitters?! Now you can get up to 50% off (and some of them, more!) on these pretty funny short and long sleeve tees. The avocado one is our favorite.

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The Truth-Teller Tee:  The Ultimate  ‘Dad Bod’ T-Shirt in Grey – Buy It Here

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Because we totally stand by our ‘dad bod’ that, thanks to recent pop-culture events, is totally on-trend.  Finally, it’s happened! This one comes in a bunch of other color options too like navy blue, black, slate grey, heather, and more.

The Workout Tee:  The ‘Gym Selfie’ Backwards Mirror T-Shirt – Buy It Here

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Because who doesn’t love a little extra attention at the gym?  This tee has the font printed backwards so, you know, when you’re looking in the mirror it actually says “Gym #Selfie” and will make your, you know, “Selfie” get extra likes on the ‘Gram.

The Throwback Memory Tee:  Men’s Viceland Branded Blue Drink T-Shirt – Buy Now

Funny Men's Graphic T-Shirts 2018: Blue Drink Tee

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For everyone who ever remembers this being the absolute best part of summer and lunch.  Who didn’t try to con their way into getting a second or third blue drink each time??  Guilty as charged.

The Mmmm Donuts Tee:  “I ‘Donut’ Care” Men’s T-Shirt in White – Buy Now

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Because we love donuts and we don’t really give AF about anything else.  Check it out in other cool colors like blue, yellow, grey, and light pink.

The On-Trend Graphic Tee:  ‘Slow Rider’ Sloth T-Shirt for Men – Buy Now

Funny Men's Graphic T-Shirts 2018: Sloth Tee

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We love all things ‘sloth.’  This slow riding sloth t-shirt comes in white and is made from super soft cotton so wear it to bed or just out for the day. Or both.  We won’t tell.

The Motivational Tee:  ‘Kindness is Revolution’ T-Shirt for Men in Grey – Buy Now

Funny Men's Graphic T-Shirts 2018: Kindness Tee

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Because every now and then we need a little motivational reminder.

The Simple Tee:  Simply Stated Pineapple T-Shirt for Guys – Buy Now

Funny Men's Graphic T-Shirts 2018: Pineapple Tee

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The pineapple is the staple icon of any summer graphic tee.  Well, we made part of that up, but it surely dresses up this plain white t-shirt, don’t ya think?

The Empowered Tee:  Vintage Inspired ‘Feminist’ T-Shirt for Men – Buy Now

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Because real guys show their support.  This ‘Feminist’ t-shirt comes in light heather grey, blue, green, and dark grey.  Make a statement STAT.

The Man’s Real Best Friend T-Shirt:  Pizza & French Fries Tee – Buy It Here

Funny Brother Gift Ideas 2018: Best Friend Tee in Blue

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Because these are your real best friends and, well, they’ll never turn their back on you.  This one also comes in other colors like white, black, yellow, grey, and pink.

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