Teen Mom New Jersey is About to Be an Actual Thing (TMNJ?)

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…because if it’s one thing you know I love it’s a crossover!  Teen Mom + New Jersey = Teen Mom New Jersey.

Teen Mom New Jersey Spinoff Show 2017 - MTV Teen Mom NJ Cast Preview 2018

As if the world’s normal breaking news wasn’t enough to keep track of, now MTV is totally blowing our mind by the announcement that they have a new spinoff show in the works, Teen Mom New Jersey.  Well, I haven’t seen more than .01 seconds of a preview clip, but I’m officially all in.

The joke is pretty much over that I have a hunch that MTV is following me and taking all of my suggestions into account and turning them into television shows.  I, of course, love all things New Jersey (hello RHONJ and Jersey Shore!) and I love all things to do with teenage mothers (hello Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2) so it only makes sense that all of our worlds collide and bring us one of the most anticipated reality shows of the Fall 2017/Winter 2018 MTV season.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • A promo video aired during the MTV Music Awards (which, yes, still exist) and they flashed a 1 second tease (watch it below) that stated “Teen Mom New Jersey.”  What more do we really need?
  • There is a Teen Mom New Jersey Facebook page that’s been set up here.
  • Apparently there was a casting back in the early summer from MTV looking for mom’s who were 16+ with children. But isn’t that, you know, just a traditional pleasantry in NJ?
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  • That’s it.

Oh wait, we know this girl ‘may’ be in it because she was in the clip and is holding a baby so…

Italian Girl in New Teen Mom New Jersey Show on MTV 2017 - 2018 TMNJ

This one is super tight-lipped (unlike those moms, wink-wink, and wink).  Until I see that this will actually be on my actual television on actual MTV, my initial somewhat educated guess is that this could be an MTV show that’ll play only on Facebook. For real, that’s a thing.  Google it.

Check out the insanely fast clip here (go to around 17 second mark)

I know they’re not teenagers anymore, but if Snooki, Theresa from RHONJ, and Kim D could all make an appearance that would be ideal.  Thanks Universe!