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Disney’s Frozen Playdate Sven is the Absolute Cutest Ever!

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He’s Kristoff’s best friend and now he’ll be your kiddos BFF that they can actually sit on and play with!

Where to Buy Frozen Playdate Sven 2024 - Pre Order, Release Date

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Does anyone else still have “Let It Go” playing on a loop in their head all the live-long-day?  Well, we do.  And with the release of the new Frozen 2 movie in theaters this year, there are sure to be a slew of new songs we’ll obsess over and then be done with.

Speaking of obsessing.  We are obsessed with this cute and huge Playdate Sven from Frozen.  Here’s everything we know about this must-have ‘toy’ for 2024.

Sven is likely to be one of the most anticipated new toys for the smaller kids this upcoming holiday season.  Get him while you can because you won’t want to fist-fight over him in a Walmart parking lot on Black Friday.  Just us?

  • Sven will stand 2-feet tall, which makes him one of the bigger toys for our kids this season.
  • He’s interactive in the way where when you feed him his carrots he’ll make chomping noises.
  • When you press on his head he’ll say some different phrases and even make some reindeer noises.
  • Since he’s 2-feet tall he can support roughly around 70 pounds so he’s safe to sit on if your kiddos is that weight or less.

When is the Release Date?

Sven is scheduled to be officially released on October 4, 2019 just in time for the pre-holiday rush!  Good news, pre order is available today!  Check it out here!

What’s the Price Going to Be?

Get ready to shell out a bit more than, perhaps, you were wanting to.  The suggested retail price is $99.99.

Disney’s Frozen Playdate Sven – Buy It Here

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