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Spin Master’s Fuggler Stuffed Animal Dolls (and Their Teeth) Will Haunt Your Kids in 2024

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Because if your kids are giving their Hatchimals a major eye-roll, they’re probably in the market for the new creepy Fuggler.

New Fuggler Dolls Stuffed Animals With Teeth 2018 - Spin Master Fugglers Funny Ugly Monster 2024

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There is something so refreshing/horrifying about the new Fuggler stuffed animals that Spin Master will be releasing sometime in the Fall of 2018.  Just in time for the holiday rush!  These Fugglers (which stands for ‘Funny Ugly Monster’) will haunt your dreams and make you constantly wonder if their teeth are actually real human teeth.  They so look like it!  Although the people behind Fuggler claims they are not human teeth and even Business Insider is going on the record stating the teeth aren’t real.  Who’s job is it to test things like that?! Go figure.

[ Update: September 2018 ] All the hype has finally arrived on store shelves and via the internet shelves.  What was only found pre-order on eBay (and at a much higher price) is now available for all us to buy.  Hooray!  Our go-to is here on Amazon or here at Walmart.   You can now click here to jump below and see some of our favorite Fuggler friends of the season!

From the limited information we know right now, there will be over 40 different Fuggler monsters you and your kids can choose from.  They’re all around anywhere from 9-inches in size to 12-inches and they either proudly feature those creepy, toothy smiles/frowns as well as have interesting eyes and an actual button hole.  Are you as confused as we are at this point?  We love it though!  Apparently some of these Fuggler characters are super rare and you’ll know if you found one by locating the golden button hole on their back.  Is this like the golden ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?  We surely hope so!  Also, each Fuggler doll comes with an adoption certificate so, like the Cabbage Patch craze of 1987, you and your kids can adopt them.  Because even Fugglers need love too!

The suggested retail price starts at an affordable $14.99 which, to be honest, is super refreshing when everything else these days seems to be priced at $59 when it’s time for the holidays.  However certain Fuggler stuffed animals can go up t0 $59.

Where to Buy Fugglers:

1.  Where to Buy Fuggler Stuffed Animal With Teeth: Teddy Bear the Nightmare – Buy It Here

Teddy Bear the Nightmare Fuggler

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2.  The Annoyed Alien Purple Fuggler – Buy It Here

Annoyed Alien Purple Fuggler

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3.  The Suspicious Red Fox – Buy It Here

Suspicious Fox Red Fuggler

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4.  Sir Horns-a-Lot – Buy It Here

Sir Horns a Lot Fuggler

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5.  Squidge in Grey – Buy It Here

Squidge the Grey Fuggler

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6.  The Indecisive Monster – Buy It Here 

Indecisive Monster Fugglers in Yellow

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7.  The Awkward Bear Fuggler – Buy It Here

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8.  Claw-ey the Purple Monster Fuggler – Buy It Here

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9. Early Access to Sasquoosh Fuggler Doll in White – Buy It Here

Where to Find Sasquoosh Fuggler 2018 - 2024

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10.  Cute, But Ugly, Yellow Fuggler – Buy It Here

Buy Fuggler Stuffed Animals With Teeth

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Browse All Available Fugglers on Amazon – Buy It Here

Fuggler Review 2018

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Plus Did You Know…

Did you know that you can adopt and register these ugly little guys and gals?  Why of course you can!  Adopting is the easy part. Just click on one of the links above and ‘buy’ the one you want.  Adoption is pretty much done.  They actually come with an adoption certificate and then all you’re left to do is register them.  Registration is easy.  You’ll go to the official Fuggler website here and then type in the registration number that’s on your official adoption certificate. Toss in your name and email address and you’re done!

P.S., the Adoption Certificate will look a little something like this:

Where to Find Fuggler Adoption Certificate 2018 - 2024

Just keep in mind that the purple arm doesn’t come with it.  But you knew that already.

Here are some famous Instagram Fugglers in the wild:


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