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Now Your Kids Can Yell at Their ‘Yellies’ Spider Toy Instead of You (Freedom!)

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You may think Yellies is perfect for Halloween, but they’re actually the latest ‘it’ toy for the upcoming holiday season.  Here’s everything you need to know like what in the heck are they, where and when can you buy them, and why in the heck won’t everyone stop yelling?!

Where to Buy Yellies by Hasbro 2018 - Interactive Pet Spider Toy

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You know how you feel like your home is almost too quiet?  Yeah, us either.  Well, this upcoming Christmas is about to get a whole lot louder thanks to Hasbro’s new toy called ‘Yellies.’  In case you couldn’t tell yet, these are the newest interactive collectible toys that, well, your kids will yell at to make go and yell louder to make them go faster. Kind of like you do when you need them to clean their room. Just us?

What Exactly are Yellies?

Yellies are some pretty cute interactive fuzzy spider pets that move and interact based on your voice and the volume of your voice.  Want them to move faster?  Simply yell louder.  Want them to slow down?  Simply speak softer.  Hasbo has come out with 10 different spider friends that all have slightly different personalities, colors, and moods.  If you have more than one, your new little pet will interact with the other Yellies and, most likely, hijinks will ensue.  Plus how fun will it be for your kids to race their Yellies with their friends to see who wins?!  Here are the names of the current ones available now (more are coming):

  1. Toofy Spooder – Pink, Purple, and Green
  2. Harry Scoots – Purple and Yellow
  3. Flufferpuff – Yellow, Orange, and Blue
  4. Bo Dangles – Aqua and Purple
  5. Klutzers – Green and Orange
  6. Peeks – Yellow and Red

Video: Courtesy of Hasbro

How Much Will They Cost?

Similar to your friends from last year, The Fingerlings, these will set you back around $14.99 (which is the suggested retail price).  Per usual, these are already hard to come by so you totally know some of the folks on eBay will be selling them for much more.  It just really depends how desperate you are and, well, how many other toys are on your must-have list this year!

When is the Official Release Date?

We’re all so close!  These will officially be released on October 1, 2018 in the US.

Please Tell Me I Can Pre-Order Them?

Yes, like with almost every toy that’s about to be released, you can pre order them starting now (September 24, 2018).  Places like Walmart, Target, and Amazon are your best bet.

1.  Toofy Spooder Yellies –  Buy It Here

Where to Buy Yellies 2018: Toofy Spooder Most Popular

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2.  Yellies ‘Harry Scoots’ Pet Spider – Buy It Here

Where to Buy Yellies 2018: Harry Scoots Spider

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3.  Bo Dangles – Buy It Here

Where to Buy Yellies 2018: Bo Dangles

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4.  Yellies ‘Peeks’ Interactive Spider – Buy It Here

Where to Buy Yellies 2018: Peeks

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5.  Where to Buy Flufferpuff – Buy It Here

Where to Buy Yellies 2018: Flufferpuff

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6.  Klutzers – Buy It Here

Where to Buy Yellies 2018: Klutzer Pre Order

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