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Now Kids Can Sparkle Up Their Shimmer Stars Plush Dolls AND Themselves!

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Good luck cleaning this up!  This year it’s going to be all about the Shimmer Stars, yes, those cute and cuddly plush toy dolls. Here’s how to get ahead of the curve.  Read on!

Where to Buy Shimmer Stars 2024 - Release Date, Price, Pre Order

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If it’s one thing we know the kiddos love to do is use any form of glitter, sparkle, and the like.  The shinier the better.  And, well, the more sparkle the better (er).  If they’re into that sort of thing they’re going to be obsessed with the new Shimmer Stars.  Debuting at the recent New York Toy Fair (2019), here’s what you can expect, when to get your little paws on them, and how much they’ll cost.

What Actually are Shimmer Stars?

Like we mentioned, they’re cuddly collectible plushies that you can basically decorate with glittery-sparkly whatnot.  Each furry little animal doll comes with what they call the “Shimmerizer” (as if you had any doubt that tool would be called anything else).  All your kiddos have to do is place the Shimmerizer onto the star that comes along with it and magically pick up all sorts of sparkles.  Then they’ll simply take the wand, place it over the patch of fur on their doll, press the button and suddenly the sparkle will appear on their Shimmer Star.  How cool!

That star currently comes with more than 200 different sparkles in different shapes and colors and, the best part, is that they can use these sparkles on themselves because each pet also comes with a “Twinsie Headband” along with fashion and hair accessories so they can match their new special friend.  Very cute (and sparkly!).

In Series 1, there will be 4 different animals to choose from:

  • The Panda
  • The Unicorn
  • The Dog
  • The Cat

They’ll even come with things like a tutu that can actually be worn as a hair scrunchie (score!), a pet collar that your kiddos can wear as a stylish bracelet, and even a hair bow that you or your pet can wear.

Panda Shimmer Stars 2024 - Unicorn, Cat, and Dog Plush

What’s the Price Going to Be?

The suggested retail price will set you back $19.99.  Our pro tip is to grab these when you can because as we all get closer to the holidays we can expect them to go out of stock and, therefore, up in price on places like eBay. You know how that works!

When is the Official Release Date?

KD Kids says that Shimmer Stars will be released to the public (and places like Amazon, Walmart, and Target) in the Fall of 2024.  We’re hearing, more specifically, May 2024.  Rumor has it that you’ll be able to pre order them as early as May 2024.  Stay tuned for more complete info as it becomes available.

New Shimmer Stars Toy Plushie – Pre Order (Coming Soon)

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