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The HatchiBabies Are Your Kids New Obsession and Your Pre Order Nightmare This Christmas

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Are you ready to hatch your way to freedom this upcoming Christmas season?  Well then HatchiBabies are likely to make it on your kiddos Christmas list and are now ready for pre-order!

Where to Buy HatchiBabies 2018 - Pre Order HatchiBaby Hatchimals 2024

Pre-Order HatchiBabies Here!

There’s a new (new, new, new) Hatchimal being released into the wild this holiday season and this time they’re named HatchiBabies.  Now we’re no Sherlock Holmes, but we’re going to wager a bet that these cuties are going to be babies.  And who doesn’t love babies!?

The folks over at Spinmaster are banking on the idea that your kiddos are still obsessed with all things Hatchimals and that you’ll be ready to stand in line all over again on Black Friday to snatch one.  We recommend sitting back in the comfort of your own chaotic home and just ordering these little guys online.  Here’s everything we know about them currently.

What Exactly are HatchiBabies?

Great question.  At the time of our research for this article, they’re still basically a mystery.  What we do know is that they’re the newest extension of the Hatchimal family.  They’ll arrive to your door inside a multi-colored speckled egg (that’ll look pretty familiar to you and your kids), but this time around your kiddos (or most likely ‘you’ when they give up) will hatch either a baby boy or a baby girl.  It’s really the ‘gender reveal’ of a new generation because you won’t know which you’re ‘having.’  And that, my friends, is where the fun ensues.

So What’s Exactly Inside That Egg?

This time around the inside of the egg is different and more fun than ever before.  Like we mentioned, inside is either a surprise baby boy or a baby girl HatchiBabies (or is it ‘HatchiBaby?’).  Even better, once it’s hatched inside are really cool secret compartments where you can play with your HatchiBaby even more!

When is the Bundle of Joy Being Released?

The official release date is October 5, 2018, which is actually also International Hatchimal Day (that’s not a joke).

Can You Pre-Order These and, If So, When!?

Oh of course you can pre order these.  The official pre-order actually starts today, September 17 2018.  You can preorder them on Amazon here and also see the additional variety here!

What’s the Price Going to Set Your Back?

The suggested retail price is $59.99, which is right around where we would have guessed because that’s been the price-point of the others in years past.  It’s not the worst, but we totally get it that if you have to buy more than one it can start to really add up.

Where Can You Buy HatchiBabies?

These will be found at a few different locations.  We always love going the Amazon route due to free 2-day shipping thanks to Prime.  There’s also an exclusive option available to them too.  Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Amazon:  Buy Now & Check Stock Here
  2. Target: Buy Now and Check Stock Here
  3. Walmart:  Buy Now and Check Stock Here

Here are more details:

The ‘Ponette’ HatchiBabies – Buy It Here

Buy Now

The ‘CheeTree’ HatchiBaby – Buy It Here
Buy Now

The Amazon Exclusive ‘Chipadee’ – Buy It Here

Buy Now

The Target Exclusive ‘Monkiwi’ – Buy It Here

Buy Now

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