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Here’s Where You Can Find Those Giant Party Bird Island Floats for the Lake

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Yes these are those insanely giant inflatable floats you’re seeing in every lake (and on Instagram) this summer.

Where to Buy In Stock Party Bird Island Giant Floats Flamingo, Unicorn, Peacock EBay or Sams Club 2024

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As if we couldn’t find yet another reason to love all things ‘summer’ these ginormous rafts are pretty much breaking the internet.  We don’t even think you can technically call them ‘rafts.”  They’re technically ‘floats’ but, truth be told, they’re more like inflatable party boats perfect for any lake (and not really any regular sized pool).

Where to Find Party Bird Island Floats In-Stock

• The Flamingo Float For 6 – Preview on Amazon

• The Giant UnicornPreview on Alibaba

• The Giant PeacockPreview on Sam’s Club

• The Lake-Size Pink FlamingoPreview on Overstock

• The 6 Person Rainbow UnicornPreview on

In previous years these insane monstrosities continuously sold out and people were paying top dollar on eBay because that was pretty much the only place you could find them!  However, we have some great news.  There are brand new party floats for the summer of 2024 that have just been released right now and, so far, they’re still in stock!

Here’s what we know, so far, about these famous Party Bird Island floats:

  1. There are currently 6 super cute animals to choose from: The new Sunny Swan with Crown, the Hot Pink Flamingo, the Bay Breeze Boat Island, the Tropical Tahiti Floating Island, the Magical Unicorn, and the Beautiful Peacock.
  2. These ‘floating islands’ can hold up to 6 of your family members or friends and max out at a 1,320 pound capacity.
  3. They come with six cup holders (hello beers!) and have a useful built-in platform where you can add some water to keep your feet nice and cool in the summer heat.
  4. There’s a super useful built-in cooler in the flamingo and the peacock version (sorry unicorn fans!).
  5. They’re about 10 feet tall, 10 feet wide, and 14 feet long (depending on which you choose)
  6. The suggested retail price starts at $169.00
  7. They’re almost impossible to find in stock at Sam’s Club (some you can pre-order) so you can always roll the dice on eBay if you’re desperate (and, to be honest, we are).

Like with everything else this year, it’s hard to find everything – including these floats!  These originally could be purchased at Sam’s Club but – again – they’re tough to find in-stock, so we’ve put together a list of additional places you can find them.  Please note that at some online retailers the price may be high (and not worth it – your call!).

Where You Can Find and Buy these Party Bird Island Giant Floats:

The Party Bird Island Unicorn Island Float – Buy It Here

Party Bird Island Giant Lake Float 2018: Huge Unicorn

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Party Bird Island Giant Peacock Lake Float – Buy It Here

Party Bird Island Giant Lake Float 2018: Where to Buy Giant Peacock Float

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The Party Bird Island Hot Pink Flamingo Float – Buy It Here

Party Bird Island Giant Lake Float 2018: Giant Pink Flamingo

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The Giant Whimsical Unicorn – Buy It Here

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Plus:  Your Kiddos Want Every One of These Toys, So Save Up!

The Wild Colorful Zebra – Buy It Here

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The New 6 Person Sunny Swan Island Float – Buy It Here

New Swan Party Bird Island Float Raft for 6 2024

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The 6 Person Bay Breeze Boat Inflatable Island – Buy It Here

New Party Bird Island Bay Breeze Inflatable Boat for 6 2024

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The Private Jet – Buy It Here

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The Tropical Tahiti Floating Island – Buy It Here

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The Tropical Tahiti Floating Island – Buy It Here

Tropical Tahiti Floating Island Raft for 6 People 2024

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So somehow these island floats have turned into a ‘must-have Christmas toy’ scenario we’ve all experienced with Hatchimals and Fingerlings Monkeys last year.  We can never have a break. Everyone online is freaking out!   But, seriously, how magical and awesome are these inflatables?! Can you imagine the fun you’ll have with your friends all day in the summer?  The only real bummer (besides how hard they are to find online) is that it’ll take you around 25 minutes to blow them up so make sure you have an electric pump on standby and then make sure you get your friends to help you carry it down to the water.  Did we mention it’s 10 feet tall, by 10 feet wide and 14 feet long.  Amazing!  Of course the dimensions might slightly vary by animal, but you get the drift.