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The New Baby Shark Sing & Swim Bath Toy is Making Tub Time Way More Fun

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Get ready for your kiddos to want to stay in the bathtub even longer than normal thanks to the upcoming Baby Shark Sing and Swim bath toy that, you guessed it, actually sings (do do do doo doo doo) and swims all around the water!  Here’s what we know so far.

Where to Buy New Baby Shark Sing & Swim Bath Toy 2024 - Pre Order, Release Date, Price

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Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water!  It’s been officially announced that the makers of Baby Shark (Pinkfong) have teamed up with the uber-popular toy company Zuru, specifically their Robo Alive toy collection, to unleash the super cute new Baby Shark Sing & Swim bath toy!

So What Does the Baby Shark Bath Toy Actually Do?

From what we know so far, this little yellow cutie is totally water activated.  You can either press the button on its side and it’ll start to sing that infamous “Baby Shark” song all while moving its tale around.  Or, even better, once you gently place it in the water it’ll activate and start to swim all around while singing.  What’s better than that?

Well, we’ll tell you what’s better than that.  It’ll swim around all on its own for up to 4 minutes or, you know, you remove it from the water and shut it off.  I mean, there’s only so much of the song we can handle, right?  And fans of the other shark family members, no need to worry because they’ll be release the Mommy Shark bath toy and Daddy Shark bath toy too!

When is the Official Release Date?

We’re hearing that it’s officially being released in August 7, 2019.  We’ll keep you posted as more dates are finalized.

When Can You Pre Order Baby Shark?

Right now!  Go! Go! Go!  All kidding aside you can officially pre order it here!

What’s the Price Going to Be?

You’ll be able to pick up this singing and swimming cutie for $24.99.

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Where to Find Zuru Robo Alive Baby Shark Swimming Sing & Swim Bath Toy 2024 - Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark

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