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If This is NeNe Leakes’ New Nose, Show Me the Receipts!

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Well, well, well, that do we have here.  Was there an “old parts” rummage sale at Heidi Montag’s house that I didn’t know about? Maybe it took place at Crested Butte and my name was just accidentally removed from the mailing list?  According to TYBF, Real Housewives of Atlanta cast-member, NeNe Leakes may have had a little bit of “the nose job.”  From the looks of this picture of NeNe at a “Dance With the Stars” event that Sheree set up (seriously, what?) ShaNeNe looks like she may have had some nose work, a possible eyebrow pull up, and a chin implant which, technically, is a #5 from the Heidi Montag Surgery Menu.  It actually comes with a free pork fried rice and plate of pineapples.  So I think it was definitely worth the money.

You know a lot of people sent me this picture or informed me about NeNe’s new nose and was upset that I wasn’t on high-alert over this.  Here’s my take on it.  Did she not like her nose and/or chin and/or eyebrows before?  If not, fix it.  Good for you.  Own it.  You know?  However, when you end up looking like Wendy Williams running against gale force winds, you may have gone to far.  As long as NeNe can still tell Kim to keep her legs closed to married men (hook-ah, hook-ah) then this is all fine with me.  Everyone should buy a brand new face every 14 years anyway.  No?