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Alex Mccord Shows Her Gentlemen Greeter

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Uh-oh someone better teach Francois how to say “Mommy, stick pins in my eyes” in French because The Real Housewives of New York City’s Alex McCord is busy showing off her rack-attack and her gentlemen greeter whilst she holds onto the towel rack. Just a week or so ago, pictures were mysteriously released of Alex only show her robotic boosums, but now pictures have surfaced of Alex showing everybody exactly where she shot out her kids. Please note, she does not have a tattoo of the Statue of Liberty over her greeter, that’s just my photoshopping skills. Oh, and there aren’t taxi cabs riding over her rack either.

Now that we’re all on the same page, I must admit she’s kinda gross. Now don’t get me wrong she looks great for having a couple of snot nosed kids with bad names, but have you ever wondered what your 8th grade nun looked like naked? Well if you’ve screamed at your computer, “Yes IBBB! I’ve always wondered what my 8th grade nun looked like naked” then this is pretty much it. For some of my other readers, if you’ve ever wondered what Skeletor looked like naked, here is your answer as well.

So did anyone watch the Real Housewives of NYC reunion show the other night? More Ramona, please! She definitely reminds me of Jerry from The Facts of Life more than ever now!