Andy Cohen’s Mom, Evelyn, May Be a National Treasure and is Definitely My New Obsession

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After I finished icing my dingle-dangle from watching Real Housewives of Atlanta on Monday, like a battered husband, I went back for more and tuned into Watch What Happens Live where the special guest was NeNe Leakes.  While Andy Cohen is my new arch nemesis since he refuses to ever have me work in the Bravo Clubhouse, his mom Evelyn is definitely my new obsession.

Andy and crew played a game of NeNe or NoNo in which they had to decide if a quote being read was either said by NeNe or another cast member.  While I was about to yawn, the genius came to life when it was Andy’s mom, Evelyn Cohen, who would read the lines.  I know I use the term “brilliant” often but, really, brilliant!  My favorites of Evelyn was when she blurted out the following:

“Close your legs to married men, trash box!”
“You’re not a chef, you’re a cook.  And it’s creepy!”

Bravo!  Bravo!  Literally.  Check out the clip above and email Andy and someone, for the love of Santa Christ, Jesus Claus, and his teen mom Mary get me somehow involved in that show.  I’m not above stalking his mom. Blonk!

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